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  1. Who made the comparision between elementary PE teachers and college level wrestling coaches? I think we can (hopefully) agree that those are different positions that require different skillsets. Has there been any concrete news about the D1 season? That is what I clicked on this thread to find out...
  2. Stepping into a cage for two rounds is more then I've ever done, so I have to give respect there. But it seems clear he doesn't have the mindset to be a pro fighter. Nothing wrong with that, most of us probably don't either.
  3. Ouch... this sucks.
  4. I held off on buying tickets specifically because I was afraid of this happening... Really stinks.
  5. Haters gonna hate. Keep it up flo, you will never make everyone happy. I could nitpick all kinds of things about the rankings if I had a bone to pick, which is true of any set of rankings.
  6. There continue to be numerous significant technical issues in their productions, which is unfortunate, but overall it's definitely a net plus to be able to access so much wrestling content and watch events live.
  7. I could defintely see Paris scoring on Gable if he hits one of his shots clean, but the big differentiator is that Gable appears to be able to score whenever he wants to, just like he does on most other guys. Literally as I typed that Paris scored a TD
  8. Yeah that's rough, that would have been a TD for sure if the table wasn't in the way
  9. Here we go... one of the like 4 or 5 main events here!!
  10. That was such an obvious position though, it wasn't even like he was rolling around, he was on his back the whole time
  11. What on earth was Kemmerer thinking there???
  12. That is pretty nuts. They just said Mark Hall was a two time B10 champ, who did he lose to?
  13. I'm picking Hall because I have him in fantasy, but I'm worried about this next one...
  14. Most exciting 3-1 match I've seen in a long time haha
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