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  1. This seems super scummy... I saw the missouri dual result and was wondering where all the ISU starters went. Now I know...
  2. I didn't have a problem with JC until he made a bunch of bets and welched on them. That is low class.
  3. I have to assume this was the exit strategy all along. Fully expect the guy to show up with a new alias and schtick shortly (if he hasn't already)
  4. That may or may not be true (no idea about equivalencies between the Arizona HS system and Cuba when it comes to the education system) but even so I would think that would be an issue relating to his HS eligibility and not college admissions. You are basically saying Arizona shouldn't have let him compete in HS wrestling, but I don't know why Ohio State would care about that. Unless somehow he started his D1 clock based on whatever he did in Cuba and now its expired.
  5. If he did attend college in Cuba for a year and later graduated from highschool here why would it matter?
  6. Does Iowa lose a single starter this year if Kem comes back for a 6th year? I feel like the majority of their top guys are juniors.
  7. No, because one bet was that PSU would win by at least 8, and one was that OSU would win by at least 8. Since the total score margin was less than 8 neither condition was fulfilled and you lost both bets.
  8. I'm assuming the joke here is the Cinabuns has decided to exit the forum rather than pay up? That might have been the plan all along with such an implausible bet.
  9. I'm with this. But as a gopher fan, I'm nervous...
  10. I don't understand people that don't already have LJB on mute. He is the definition of toxic. Not to mention... he doesn't know.... how to construct... sentences.... without using... lots of.... elipses...
  11. That was an ass-whoopin. Paris is legit and may give gable a run for his money
  12. Yes, that is what's given him almost all of his freestyle success and he has adapted it go folkstyle successfully. He hits it all the time on guys and often ends up in an Assassin type position for backs
  13. That is pretty shocking to be honest. Good for MSU
  14. I've never made a GIF in my life before... lets see if this worked https://gifs.com/gif/165-lbs-2-alex-marinelli-iowa-vs-1-vincenzo-joseph-penn-state-2020-b1g-wrestling-Jyj7ZD
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