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  1. That's the best we can hope for these days... the tournament scene is pretty watered down
  2. MFF should count as a loss, I've never understood why it doesn't. The current system has no penalty for not wrestling
  3. I can't believe I ever actually posted here regularly...
  4. Right after I typed this I saw that V-Tech's entire team didn't show up to wrestle NC State... Which is exactly why I didn't bother marking my calendar and trying to watch. Why bother? I get that COVID is a big factor as well and that's not something coaches and program's can control, but it doesn't change how much less compelling it makes the sport. Who cares about the ACC conference race now that the top two teams aren't even going to wrestle each other?
  5. I canceled my flo subscription this year after being a subscriber for many many years. Sadly just not enough value left any more. The big thing is that they've lost the broadcast rights to most of the major events/duals that they used to have. And on top of that the tournaments they still have have gone from must watch marquee events to "who cares" due to the continued de-emphasis of the regular season within the sport. I used to take time off work to catch the first day of the scuffle and this year I think I watched 1-2 matches in total on replay. Almost none of the top guys were there and I just didn't care. I've drifted more and more away from being a superfan, which is partly due to me, but partly because the sport continues to get less compelling. Why should I care about a regular season match when it has no stakes and coaches aren't even starting the best guys most of the time? When I started following the sport that was not the normal culture. I remember people being held out against Cole Konrad and that was an exception and a big deal. I just checked the box scores from this past week and see that in Rutgers vs PSU the most compelling matchup didn't happen because Lee didn't show against Rivera. It's possible there is some totally legitimate reason, but my guess is that Cael felt like he could win the dual and held out Lee to protect seeding. And its sad that is my first thought and not "What's wrong with Lee, I hope he's OK" but there is way too much precedent at this point. I'm at the point where I feel like I'll tune in for conference championships and NCAAs because its the only time I'm confident top guys will show up to wrestle each other
  6. I see absolutely nothing dirty about the clip that was posted. Cas didn't put a second hand on or do anything that would be illegal. I'm more worried about the underlying health of the Purdue wrestler after watching that. I train in BJJ and it's not normal to sleep that quickly from some cartoid pressure. It must have been way tighter than it looked for longer than what that clip showed
  7. I mean, could be that swaford was going to be the guy, then lost 3 matches at the scuffle against negligible competition. I could understand if this guy was an AA contender losing out on a podium spot, but if you get promoted to starter and can't perform the coach is totally justified in benching you.
  8. And for the record I'm wearing a mask on the bus while I type this. Only person on it so it's pretty silly but rules are rules and if it makes the bus driver feel safer I'm willing to be mildly inconvenienced, because I think that's how a decent human should react.
  9. As long as we can all agree that wearing masks DURING an athletic competition is utterly ridiculous, I think I can get along with most of you. Im sure the ASU wrestlers did not do it by choice
  10. Is NJDan for real? This has to be a troll-job, right?
  11. Well... that settles that then, hahaha.
  12. I don't understand why people are going in circles about hypotheticals when lee literally made a post explaining what happened... Most surgeons will recommend attempting rehab before surgery. I have had both labrums repaired and on the first one the dr said the tear was really bad and it was my call. I opted for surgery and it worked. 2nd time (other shoulder) he said this one isn't so bad, you should try rehab first. I did and it didn't work, so several months later I had another surgery. If Lee tore one knee and was fine after rehab there is no reason a Dr. would console him to try surgery before rehab on the 2nd knee unless the injury was much worse. he tried rehab and it didn't work (likely compounded by his other knee still not being 100%). So now he is having surgery. Seems pretty straightforward
  13. lost


    This might be the weakest scuffle field of all time... I don't think there is a single marquee match in the semis or finals
  14. lost

    No Shows..

    I'm confused, the original post appears to have been deleted. Who is no-showing now?
  15. lost


    Can you elaborate? I'm being sincere - I really don't remember all the details, just that it was a controversial attempt to have a dual championship and Cael and some of the other coaches torpedoed it.
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