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  1. Andegre, Can you give more clarification on what the actual draft portion looks like? Are there time limits etc? The reason I ask is because my group usually does the draft over the course of a few days due to timezones, schedules, etc instead of a traditional 1-2 hour fantasy draft.
  2. This is basically what I was trying to say. I would expect this to be the reaction of the average fan
  3. I can't believe the amount of sour grapes in this thread. I feel like if the government gave all former wrestlers $10,000 everyone on this forum would find some way to complain about it. Flo did something where the reception should range from "I don't really care about this" to "Wow! This is really cool!" and people are choosing to spend their time and energy being negative and bashing a sport they clearly don't know anything about. Kudos to flo for trying something different. I'm glad to hear that it paid off in terms of viewership!
  4. What is this??? Someone acknowledging that they might not be 100% correct on themat.com? I must be misreading this post on my tiny screen. Also, what does this have to do with Penn State? Can't wait for Tbar to chime in.
  5. Hammerlockthree is an interesting guy, that's for sure. Glad to hear he paid up!
  6. I think Gable is so used to winning that when he has to come from behind he just doesn't know how. It's happened multiple times now against top guys (Cassar, Gwiz) and I don't think I've ever seen him get the winning score when the match is on the line. Either he goes up early and coasts or he seems to struggle.
  7. Credit to Nelson for making this a match when she's clearly not 100%
  8. The piece that ticks me off isn't even the scoring, as there are a couple of exchanges that could have gone either way, but how do they go back an entire minute and review a sequence that wasn't even being challenged?
  9. Disagree. Yianni won that 2nd match
  10. Zain at least classy in winning
  11. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Terrible officiating, both Yianni and the fans got robbed. How do you review the entire period based on a challenge after the match is over?
  12. I really hope this stays Yianni and we get match 3
  13. Wow, what an amazing match between Zain and Yianni.
  14. Gable's gas tank continues to be an issue. He at least made an attempt to score at the end in this match, but I just can't help but feel that anytime he is down by a score against a top opponent with 1-2 minutes left he is going to lose. I don't think I've ever seen him come back from a hole
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