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  1. Considering Maryland just got shut out by Michigan state I think we need: Pod 4 Maryland
  2. I saw the box scores and had to post a comment - when Michigan State blanks you, you know you've fallen on hard times..
  3. I listened to one of the FRL shows a few weeks ago and it sounds like Silva is not at Michigan anymore. CP didn't want to disclose any details
  4. Yeah, I'm legitimately worried about Ben's chances here...
  5. Dude, just mute LBJ already... We all know his posts are a waste of time, and the people who engage with him just clutter up the thread for everyone else. As for the great windixie debate, I can get being confused in the heat of the moment, as it was an unorthodox situation, but after watching the clip a few times its 2 for nolf and not even close. Surprised there are some arguing for anything else
  6. Hard to vote against karelin since he was able to accomplish a measurable physical feat against competition (reverse lift) that no one in that weight class has been able to reliably do before or since.
  7. Please stop derailing the thread by engaging with LJB. We all know he is worthless and his posts add no value. Just block/mute him like most of us do
  8. After today's match I'd definitely take Taylor over Dake in a hypothetical matchup :)
  9. I can't defend Downey as the guy has had chance after chance and shot himself in the foot over and over again. If the allegations about pictures aren't true undoubtedly he's done something else dastardly, god knows he has enough of a track record of that. But this whole era of PC makes me want to tear my hair out.. The initial tweet that got him crucified, while probably in poor taste, is 100% true. I don't really care about greco or woman's wrestling. Not because I think there is something wrong with woman wrestling, but it just doesn't interest me the same way top level men's freestyle does. I'm excited for Dake vs Chamizo. I wouldn't bother tuning in for Sarah Hildebrandt vs whoever. That is my right as a consumer. Why should Sarah or any other woman expect the same pay in this line of work? I'm not even mad at them. Everyone has the right to be their own advocate and come up with whatever justifications for why they should be paid more. Personally, I think I'm worth a million bucks and am criminally underpaid. Buy why is that somehow noble? This is no different from the undercard fighter on the UFC who tries to hold out for more money, only those people don't get glorified for promoting their own self-interest. Can't wait for someone to come along and accuse me of "Microagression" now.
  10. Who made the comparision between elementary PE teachers and college level wrestling coaches? I think we can (hopefully) agree that those are different positions that require different skillsets. Has there been any concrete news about the D1 season? That is what I clicked on this thread to find out...
  11. Stepping into a cage for two rounds is more then I've ever done, so I have to give respect there. But it seems clear he doesn't have the mindset to be a pro fighter. Nothing wrong with that, most of us probably don't either.
  12. I held off on buying tickets specifically because I was afraid of this happening... Really stinks.
  13. Haters gonna hate. Keep it up flo, you will never make everyone happy. I could nitpick all kinds of things about the rankings if I had a bone to pick, which is true of any set of rankings.
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