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  1. Is there a link to gable vs Akgul online somewhere? I've been hunting around but haven't been able to find a video
  2. Any replays available? Not gonna get up at 5 AM to try and watch
  3. Shamus is a stud. One of the highlights of my rather unremarkable grappling career is that I caught him in an armbar in training once and got him to tap in BJJ. Definitely no need to count how many times the reverse has happened hehe
  4. 2-4 medals is underperforming? I would argue our teams are the best they have been in years, decades even. We beat Russia for a world championship a few years back
  5. Can someone give me the TLDR? Sounds Like JO lost in the qualifying tournament and then didn't make weight day 2?
  6. No, but if you showed up at 7:21 the first thing you'd probably do is check your weight to see how much you needed to lose. So I don't think he was actually trying to make weight at 7:24 but very plausible that he stepped on the scale
  7. I'm super bummed that this happened, and I would have liked for them to let Cox wrestle (even though I get all of the valid arguments about how thats not fair, favoritism, etc). But I think someone else made a very valid point which is that even if Cox had made weight, there are very sizeable odds that we'd be sending the exact same team. We're sending the defending olympic champ, this is not a David Taylor Pat Downey situation.
  8. Sure, I can name three; Taha, geno, and Gable :D. And I'm pretty sure that's your top 3 right there. Has Gable even competed in an international tournament? He certainly hasn't been to the olympics before. But neither had Snyder, or burroughs, or Cejudo, or any of the dudes that won world/olympic titles in their first shot. Point is, everything has to start their international career somewhere. Gable has proven he has the tools to absolutely trash a guy who has been 3rd in the world twice, I don't see why anyone would doubt his ability to compete with the top two. In fact I'm going to go a step further and call it right now - Gable wins an olympic title.
  9. No one thought Akgul could lose until Gino showed up and now he hasn't won a world title since 2016. I think Steveson can easily be the newest entrant into the top echelon. Will he win? I don't know, that's some stiff competition. But I think he certainly has a chance.
  10. What makes you think Gable can't win? Gwiz is world bronze caliber and Gable just took him to the woodshed.
  11. Hard to argue with Iowa state... thats an extended proven track record of mediocrity. We don't really know what happened with cox and the head "coach" of the freestyle program isn't the same as a college coach, since all the freestyle guys have their own camps/teams.
  12. You realize there are three guys who have already won world titles on the team, right? Plus Gable... I don't know if we'll beat russia but its a hell of a team
  13. This is making me feel feelings...
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