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  1. Kilamara, Heil, Collica and now Gfeller. There’s always a Cowboy that has an awful tournament.
  2. FriendlyCamper

    Where's the upsets thread???

    Thorn over Artalona. That was a crazy last 20 seconds.
  3. Guys, pack a bowl and watch wrestlingl
  4. Yes, just got some at the store. That they sell it in. Legally. In my state.
  5. Maybe we can get an outsiders perspective on how Flo runs thier production team.
  6. What wrestlers performed way under expectations this weekend that may have an impact on where they're seeded at NCAAs? First person that comes to mind is Mike Carr of Illinois. Ranked #5 at 141 coming into Big 10s and finishes 8th with three loses. Also, Max Thomesen of UNI, #7 at 149 and finishes 7th at Big 12s.
  7. FriendlyCamper

    FLOwrestling is an absolute disgrace

    Love Flo. But maybe if they ivested more in production for their sports that attrach a large audience (Track & Wrestling) instead of pumping content for a small audience (FloCheer, FloMarching, FloHoops, FloFootball) they wouldnt have this happen every time they broadcast a large event. If I want football or basketball knowledge, I'm not going to get my updates from FloHoops/Football. I think they had the broadcasting rights to the Paradise Jam basketball tournament in November and the production and commentary was pretty bad. Not sure why they're trying to expand into a market they'll never have a large audience in. It seems like their servers can never handle a large audience. As a media member, Pyles should not be on twitter like he works for IT. That's not his job, he shouldn't feel obligated to address people, so I'm not sure why he thought that would be a good idea. Understand he loves his job and company but that's a battle he cant win.
  8. FriendlyCamper

    If Suriano had transferred to Iowa instead of Rutgers

    Or what if he wouldve never transfered? I dont see why it matters, NCAA's hasnt happened yet. He's a returning finalist and is up a weight from last season. Why don't we wait until March before we start playing hypotheticals.
  9. FriendlyCamper

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    The program was damn near ruined before Smith arrived. They had zero national champions, zero conference titles, a handful of All-Americans and hadnt had a winning season in nearly 10 seasons. Yes going to the SEC may have hurt their chances of creating a solid conference schedule, but it also brought in a lot of revenue for the school and the program (brand new locker rooms, Nike gear, new facility outside the wrestling room.) it's not like Smith and Co. walk around and act like they're the greatest team in the country, I think they just want some respect which y'all seem to still refuse to give them. Yes, they have repeatedly had disappoiting NCAA tournaments, which I would agree is a lack of wrestling in tournaments. However, I think Smith should be praised for how he develops his wrestlers over time. He doesnt always land the top recruits but manages to turn them into AA quality. (Erneste, Mayes, Lavallee, Etc.)
  10. FriendlyCamper

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    I think Sterk is a little busy at the moment dealing with the NCAA. Brian's a great guy and has done more for that program than anybody else. He's one of the most succesful coaches in male sports at Mizzou. I was just suggesting why Mizzou MAY under perform at NCAA's. Lack of tournaments., I don't know if thats the reason. I'm on a message board to post an opinion, not apply for a coaching position lol.
  11. FriendlyCamper

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Probably because they wrestle in a tournament in the first month of the season and then don't wrestle in a tournament again until March.
  12. Think were talking Ohio State, not Okie.
  13. FriendlyCamper

    Dresser at ISU

    Seems like Dresser got the negativity out and brought some discipline to the program.
  14. FriendlyCamper

    Missouri vs. UNI

    So what do you want them to do about it? lose?
  15. FriendlyCamper

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    Whats the o/u on a post-match gesture from one of them?