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  1. Crazy that baseball in Boise, ID wasnt going to pan out. SMH
  2. Also lol at the statement, the top wants you to believe "the only people ever killed by police officers are black". Dude black people are literally at the bottom of the American pyramid due to systematic racism. They came here as slaves! And were considered 3/5th of a f*cking person!! BLM is simply just saying, I matter as a person because historically I haven't. The top!? I think we will know when blacks simply just reach equality because they'll be the first ones to say it.
  3. Own a business, don't post dumb ****. Easy as that.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/13/coronavirus-latest-updates.html Let’s see your 2024 Cascadia Olympic team
  5. John Meeks, 4x undefeated state champ out of Iowa. Towards the end of his career at Iowa State he failed to even make the starting lineup. Never understood how somebody could fall that far.
  6. Jordan Burroughs with bionic legs and no heart in 2121. The Russian's still wont be able to stop him.
  7. I saw the NCAA's statement on refund. However, I purchased my tickets through Ticketmaster and the phone line has been down since Wednesday. Has anybody received any sort of notification from a vendor such as Ticketmaster?
  8. Can you tell me how Covid-19 will end?
  9. Didn't think this was a big deal until I watched this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZFhjMQrVts Can't really argue with an infectious disease expert.
  10. Zahid wins 14-10 over Wisman. Believe Wisman took him down 3 times. Does anything change?
  11. You have got to tell me where you get your moonshine @uncle bernard
  12. If you came on this thread and took out time out of your day to say something negative on a day of death and gloom, you're clearly looking to argue for no reason. This thread was created to show appreciation for someone who impacted and influence a lot of lives. RIP to Mr. Bryant, his daughter, the Altobelli's and other victims. God speed to their friends and families. https://twitter.com/iAmPatDowney/status/1221543791976493062 https://twitter.com/tapatio_125/status/1221565717725765637 https://twitter.com/GSteveson/status/1221519269915250688 https://twitter.com/greentoepalacio/status/1221550896611459075 https://twitter.com/WhoIsJamesG/status/1221532401538564096
  13. Couple of his HS teammates are on the UNI roster, so I wouldn't be surprised if that is where he ends up. I don't know if he can even beat Biscoglia though. Teske's value has declined over the past few years.
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