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  1. My inside source said KJ is working with the Russians and this is an inside job. But no seriously, how much did Snyder pay the Uber to take the long way?
  2. Northern Colorado looked promising. This season has been a bit disappointing.
  3. All for paying for your content to watch events, view docs and read/view in depth previews but there shouldnt be a paywall for something like this.
  4. Any Sports book taking bets? I tried to view Flo's hypothetical lines but there of course is a paywall. Which I find subscribing to see a hypothetical betting line is like storming the United States capitol and screaming you're a patriot.
  5. Theyre not even close to the gold standard. Excellent organization but look at how organized the College Lacrosse league is across Division 1 Power 5 schools. https://ncllax.com/
  6. Anybody know if Micic and Rivera can Olympic RS again or do they have to wrestle this year? Just curious where Desanto stands now at 33 among the field.
  7. And what was the end result of following the directions of mr. UWW certified?
  8. Why is a 22yr old man who is coached by arguably one of the greatest of all time, still taking athletic advice from his father?
  9. Oh ya, my decision to go to CU and them cutting their program 30 years before I attended is my fault. Just like athletes missing this season is 100% their fault.
  10. https://pac-12.com/article/2020/08/11/pac-12-conference-postpones-all-sport-competitions-through-end-calendar-year I don't think we're getting a season. At least not as scheduled.
  11. I think it would be safe to assume a lot of schools are in trouble. Outside Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma St and Iowa. It's unpredictable. Wrestling gets the ax a lot of the times without clear explanation. Without a football season, it's an easy cop out to cut a schools program. Ready for anything at this point, never thought we'd see Stanford get cut but here we are.
  12. Why are you so angry? Children carry coronavirus at a more likely rate than than adults. They may not suffer but others will. What's one year without a sports season? Apparently worth the risk to lose one next year to you.
  13. I'm not saying the environment in the wrestling room in Iowa is racist or anything along those lines. They recruit the best and Brands and co. give everyone a fair shot at the lineup. But, outside the room and athletic facilities, maybe the fan base and state of Iowa is a different story. In the USA podcast that featured black athletes and their experience with racism both Gadson and Mark Hall mentioned their encounters they remember vividly both happened in Iowa. https://themat.tv/interviews/222297-kyven-gadson-mark-hall-and-james-green-on-racism-they-have-experienced-in-a-wrestling-setting
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