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  1. Didn't care for his behavior. But anytime he was wrestling, you had to watch.
  2. SoCon goes 2-0 against the Big Ten at 125. Citadel's Casto upsets AOC.
  3. Bryce is going to beat Gomez.
  4. He looked like he wanted to takedown Flores lol. But agreed, he keeps the same persona he has on the mat and it's awesome.
  5. I don' think his body could recover after the cut at 25 to beat Suriano
  6. Well I am going to revisit this in March lol.
  7. The juice is loose. Just kidding but yeah he's getting bronze. Unless Ferrari jumps up.
  8. Mike Eierman thought he was a better coach than Brian Smith. That's the real story.
  9. Dake vs Chamizo is going to be a thing of beauty. Would appreciate a Dhesi upset.
  10. Well that's because the OP and myself are talking about Rio 2016 and not the trials.
  11. Exactly. If Biles competed there is no guarantee she does what's expected. I guess that is what at cost when you are that good. Which is why the OP is saying Biles=JB. Different situation but they were both off when they needed to be on the most. Leaves you with a wtf feeling, but sports can have a **** end result and show elite athletes are human.
  12. I don't know, I dont live in a hypothetical world where Tom Brady takes time off for his mental health, competes in a competition that only happens every four years, is sexually abused, and cannot leave his cardboard bed unless it is to compete or for practice. But maybe in that world, possibly. What I do know, is she sat out, they got 2nd. Life goes on. I don't get my feelings hurt when someone I have never met who will be more accomplished than I ever be, as I argue with a stranger on a message board, decides to put their life first because she doesn't owe any of us ****.
  13. Silver without the best athlete of all time is pretty damn good. That should be the storyline. It's a a sport where individualism is favored anyways where majority of athletes fizzle out because they push their body to a breaking point in their adolescent days. So be it, she's got like 20+ gold medals against world competition. She sat there and cheered them on, and none of the team spoke negative about her. They brought alternates for a reason. **** happens, times are weird. We are competing in the 2020 Olympics in the year 2021.
  14. Sorry gymnastics. What a lot of you fail to recognize is the common enemy, the IOC. They we're going to cut the sport and responded by saving it with cutting weights and participants. What does trashing another sport do for our sport? Regardless if its ping-pong or 3x3 basketball, these are still the best athletes in the world in their sport. The IOC is a corrupt money grab, I hope to see someday that the Olympics are not the premier event for the sport. I think that is going to take a unified group though and much less us vs them mentality.
  15. If OU and Texas leave, which I think they will. I could see Memphis and Houston maybe SMU joining the Big 12. I could also see the Big 12 collapsing. Wrestling is weird though, wouldnt be a bad idea to adapt regions and do away with conference allocations to qualify for nationals.
  16. My inside source said KJ is working with the Russians and this is an inside job. But no seriously, how much did Snyder pay the Uber to take the long way?
  17. Northern Colorado looked promising. This season has been a bit disappointing.
  18. All for paying for your content to watch events, view docs and read/view in depth previews but there shouldnt be a paywall for something like this.
  19. Any Sports book taking bets? I tried to view Flo's hypothetical lines but there of course is a paywall. Which I find subscribing to see a hypothetical betting line is like storming the United States capitol and screaming you're a patriot.
  20. Theyre not even close to the gold standard. Excellent organization but look at how organized the College Lacrosse league is across Division 1 Power 5 schools. https://ncllax.com/
  21. Anybody know if Micic and Rivera can Olympic RS again or do they have to wrestle this year? Just curious where Desanto stands now at 33 among the field.
  22. And what was the end result of following the directions of mr. UWW certified?
  23. Why is a 22yr old man who is coached by arguably one of the greatest of all time, still taking athletic advice from his father?
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