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  1. Disanto is pretty easy to dislike -- and it's a prejudice he seems to encourage. Sure, he seems to have calmed down some, but that doesn't erase how obnoxious he has been, and at times still is. His habit of burrowing into his opponents with his head buried as he drives them out of bounds should be penalized, since it really shows no skill -- the pushing out of bounds issue is laden with stupidity, and refs should penalize the pusher, not the pushie --and, in this respect, desanto fully illustrates how much he resembles a mole.
  2. What was the brick throwing all about? Desanto lost -- there wasn't anything else to it. Desanto is good at making himself look like a total idiot, and the Brandos seem to be feeding into it. Desanto is a spastic baby who doesn't know how to deal with losing, and the brands tarnish any good image they have defending him.
  3. No, he's at heavyweight, for beginners, where the very best wrestlers aren't. Sorry, but comparing a young, very good heavyweight who is full of himself with the very best wrestlers is very demeaning to them.
  4. Seriously? Gable lost. Berger will too, which will make this very unsimilar to Owings whooping up on Gable. This might be the way to psyche yourself up for a match you can't possibly win, but I would keep my mouth shut: that way, when the win doesn't come your way, you look less ridiculous.
  5. If being in the room with desanto is as disturbing as watching him wrestle, I'm sure Lee is suffering. This theory has a high degree of probability. I've heard that Lee is thinking of transferring to The Covenant Clinic just to deal with the weird psychotic aura in the room.
  6. Most of the torture can be eased by closing your eyes.
  7. But wait: Brand's super lucid explanation of why Lee didn't wrestler sure cleared things up in a hurry!!
  8. Shortening it probably wouldn't make much difference. Most of the big hitters aren't going to be sitting around taking it easy during the time a shorter season would lop off. And it's always nice to have dream scenarios about how long the season is, but chances are you will continue to have them forever, as they remain just dreams. The D-l wrestlers who are the most likely to come out on top have already wrestled most of their lives -- and most likely during their early formative years: how hard is that on their bodies? If someone begins wrestling when he is 4 years old and continues into college, how much more can a normal body take before it begins to break down? Maybe drop some of the excess collegiate years -- instead of adding 1 or 2 on top of the already arduous 4. Bag the redshirts and other extensions, a lot of which is really just extending fantasy time anyway. When you get some man-beast who is on his 6th year wrestling a true freshman, it's a ridiculous scenario period -- and gives a lot of these guys the idea that wrestling can be an actual job, and isn't going to end, leaving them with a low paying assistant job or a job doing something they could have done without even going to college. That's a scenario that is worse than any injury caused by the season being too long.
  9. I give up: who is cancelling their sling service?
  10. Lantry at 141 hasn't wrestled much, which is most likely why he is undefeated. The others all seem legit.
  11. I've never really cared for DeSanto's style, but it certainly is going to take him further than Surriano this year. He's relentless and ruthless, and it's difficult to ignore the huge difference being at Iowa has made. There's a pretty good chance this might just continue, whereas Surriano doesn't seem to be improving at all. Sometimes the huge expectations and Flo specials end up crushing you.
  12. Because of a basketball game that had 8 minutes left and took 40 to finish, I missed the lst half of match on Big Ten net. So when it finally cut to wrestling, the lst thing I noticed was Surriano appeared sorta gassed, with Desanto burrowing in and pushing the pace, not gassed at all. The final takedown was impressive for Desanto, not so much for Surriano, who really went down easy. One of the noticeable improvements at matche's end was a Desanto who wasn't showboating -- it's so much easier to watch. Ashnault also, after an OT win....both looked civilized...so coaches must have had a chat with the boys. Good manners always makes a huge win more impressive.
  13. This match seemed to be mostly about the refs making sure Surriano's hands hadn't even been in the same zipcode -- of all the inane obsessions, this one had to take the cake. For every instance the match was stalled for mini-eternities, the evidence of Surriano locking his hands at the wrong time were almost too obviously absent. And if he did lock them for a quarter of a second while heading back to the mat -- who the hell cares? The 25 minutes of wasted fretting over watching replays and then forgetting who was in what position, I would say the refs did a worse job than the two main characters, who essentially defaulted into borefest mode. . The hands in the face was obvious -- the ref had to call that. At that point, who cared how the match ended or who won. The hands in the face was an easy way to put us out of our misery, even if way too late.
  14. It's difficult to find anything about Desanto that is agreeable watching him wrestle. He has all the appeal of a hyperbolic mole, the way he buries his face in his opponent and burrows into him. . Does he even need eyes? I wondered a bit about how Brands puts up with his unfortunate behavior. Gosh, he just seems like such a hardass, and the sort of coach who might not like his wrestlers feigning (or actually doing it) spitting on the mat following a big victory. But then I remembered he was Gillman's coach, and realized ugly behavior didn't phase him in the least.
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