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    Why not a Tournament of Champions?

    The ncaa used to invite the Dii and Diii champs to the Di championship. The Dii and iii nationals were basically qualifiers and this produced many lower level guys becoming Di AA's. This actually helped smaller schools recruit top kids because they still had a chance to win the Di's. I would prefer this over a "Tournament of Champions" because when you go through a grinding season to hit your peak performance at nationals, it is very tough mentally and sometimes physically to be your best again shortly thereafter. Like an earlier poster mentioned, no incentive for the Di champ to complete.
  2. John Morgan

    Why do people hate Cael?

    Hate is a strong word and gets attention as a topic. I would wager very few people actually hate someone else. They may have mannerisms that are annoying, behavior you don't agree with, or beliefs you don't share. Hate? doubt it
  3. John Morgan

    Who Likes the Term Pinfall?

    Trendy, hip, and stupid.
  4. John Morgan

    Hands to the face

    Yes, clarification in order...the Kilgore/Brown video demonstrates unnecessary roughness (initiated by brown) and should have been called as such. The ref let that match get out of hand. However, those were not examples of a "head post" but more of a jabs. Of course, eye pokes have always been illegal and should be called. I think posting on the forehead (palm to eyebrows or above so fingers are above the eyes) should be ok. Also, a quick pop to the face with an open hand, level change and double is ok too. The unnecessary roughness rule applies here as well.
  5. John Morgan

    Fewest Champs required to win NCAA Team title?

    and 10 AA's which I believe is the only time in history of ncaa's.
  6. John Morgan

    Fewest Champs required to win NCAA Team title?

    MN wins NCAA without a finalist. https://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 2001.pdf
  7. John Morgan

    Hands to the face

    Correct. As would Zane R, Cael S, and tons of other wrestlers. After having wrestled and coached most of my life...I keep trying to recall the emergency room visit resulting from H2F.
  8. John Morgan

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    I was watching the match live and enjoyed it as both Fix and Suriano are very good wrestlers. I agree they were both cautious but that can happen when guys are working to get the other out of position for their scoring opportunities. Back in the day we had "C" class and "A" class boxing matches. The fans got more excited for the "C" class fights because these fighters didn't have the skill/experience to "slip" a punch. Thus, haymakers abound and mouthpieces were flying...crowd loved it. Better fighters come in and sometimes the crowds didn't appreciate the skilled fighters as much. This is the same in today's mma.
  9. John Morgan

    Howmany more matches does hands to the face have to ruin?

    I have wrestled and coached wrestling nearly all my life and I don't recall any emergency room visits due to "hands in the face." I wouldn't see this as a rule providing "safety" to the wrestlers as the announcers mentioned during the Rutgers/OKST dual. Since I don't know where the original problem or the analysis of the problem originated, I can't speak beyond what I am witnessing.