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  1. Sorry, meant my posts to be for Wamba.
  2. My post is in relation to your comment to another poster..."Is there any reason why you also don’t trust medical professionals and science?" The interview is by Dr. Johnson interviewing Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, FCCP, FAHA, FNKF, FNLA, FCRSA Internist, Cardiologist, and Epidemiologist. They are medical professionals referencing science. Feel free to research and listen to Dr. McCullough in multiple interviews.
  3. Hi Wamba, This is why there is a debate...because of these medical professionals and science. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWBC-JX6lsg https://secureservercdn.net/
  4. The reason the US wrestlers get beat is not because of conditioning, athleticism, or toughness. It is usually because they are not as experienced and get out of position or attempt a technique when not in the proper position and thus vulnerable to giving up points. What needs to be taught is good positioning on the feet and on the mat, then the proper techniques to perform from those positions. Then repetition, repetition, repetition. Most wrestlers dont' know the proper position, nor the proper technique, and many don't have the time to devote to the repetition because they go back to Folk or Free and lose the momentum. Amos is a good example. Are the World GR guys better athletes? Better conditioned? Or are they just tougher than Amos? None of the above. The U.S. can be a powerhouse in GR with the proper elements in place.
  5. Just in reference to the Par Terre defense comments. If you are training young kids in FS or GR this may help. The reason I created these is because I couldn't find many PT instructional vids.
  6. I like the concept. i would say keep the total # of wrestlers the same at 96 but spread across 8 weight classes with 12 competitors. Could still have a 16 man bracket but the top 4 seeds get a bye to the round of 8. This would eliminate some of the drastic weight cut from the "tweeners."
  7. Thank you for doing the research. Is this for GR or both GR and FS? There are a number of points to consider but I don't see specifically anything that says removing an under hook is passive. Maybe "hooking" is meant the same as "under hooking?" Who knows. Regardless, I don't see referees knowledgeable enough to make these calls anyway. It seems they are trained to mandate a "passivity" call within seconds and then award a followup point. I believe the purpose of this is to ensure there are no ties after regulation so heaven forbid, there would be an overtime. Anyway, I appreciate your perspective but I don't agree because I don't want GR to become a form of sumo. Rule making does matter in how the wrestlers compete and from what I see there is less risk taking today.
  8. Pulling an under hook out is already a form of passivity in the rules? I don't recall this. Because it is easier to circle back in does not mean the circle should be smaller. How much smaller should it be? I'm not sure what team are you referring to?
  9. going for a body lock is not the only purpose of getting an UH of course. There are many moves from here but if you watch a number of guys they actually don't try for much but rather pull the under hook out when the other wrestler engages. I am just saying this a form of passivity. Regarding the push out in GR I don't mind the rule in this style. Since you are standing more straight up, it is easier to circle back in than going straight out of bounds.
  10. appeared Dake looked a little drained today. Even his first match his energy and explosiveness looked strained.
  11. Reduce weight classes? No problem...medals for top six and everyone's happy.
  12. Many people in the U.S. said soccer would never catch on here...too boring. How did that happen?
  13. In GR, smaller circle is not the answer as that only encourages more pushing. One element of the sport that is missing is the importance of the under hook and then the purpose of it. The purpose of the UH is to get closer to the body for a feet to back move. If one wrestler pummels like heck to get the UH and then PULLS the UH out, this is a form of stalling/passivity that the referees do not call. Thus, the pummel matches vs body locks. I think putting in a rule to prevent this would encourage more body locks and ultimately the throws.
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