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  1. This is a perfect example of a ref who is so far out of her league she shouldn't even be refereeing a 6 and under kids tournament. This is the world championships too. Good grief.
  2. I've refereed a ton of matches and an astute ref who stays well positioned and understands what is going on will jump in immediately when they see the wrestler become defenseless. If the ref has never wrestled they may not recognize the position or the position as potentially dangerous and not respond quick enough. I did not see the Jones/Lamont match but from your description the ref should have been all over that like white on rice. In the Zahid match I saw the move...it was a legal front headlock (had the head and arm) with a lot of pressure causing Nate to pass out. I am not sure of how the scoring should go but I would think the way they scored the Zahid match would be more accurate as Jackson was defenseless during the subsequent turns. Lastly, I think they would allow the match to continue once the choked out wrestler is ready. Otherwise, it may end up in more wrestlers trying to choke out the opponent just to get the win.
  3. I don't know what the exact amounts are but JO gets the most $ and benefits, then McKenna, then Lee. Yianni and Zain get exactly $0.
  4. And of course, top 3 are National Team Members for a year...monthly $ stipend, first to get invitations to overseas international competitions, etc.
  5. Good questions. I don't recall if USAW pays for National Team Members to attend Nationals, OTT or WTT. USAW usually pays for National Team Members (top 3 finishers from WTT or OTT) for international competitions along with mandatory domestic training camps (CO Springs). Domestic competition travel expenses are usually paid by the Club they are associated with. The club pays for air travel, hotel, local transportation and per diem for meals. Depending on the circumstances, the coach may rent the car or the athlete might. As far as driving back and forth that too will depend on circumstances but it can go either way. From what I have gathered, KJ was acting as personal coach and not National Development Coach so who knows who paid for what. The National "Developmental" coach is generally responsible for improving FS wrestling throughout the country at all levels and is not a Sr. level coaching position. I say "generally" because maybe the job description was personalized to fit the strengths of the employee.
  6. I am not sure how usaw or the universities handle this with the athlete. It is earned income so maybe they defer it or apply to tuition, etc. I'll let someone in the know answer this.
  7. Correct. The top three place finishers are awarded $ and the opportunity to accept invitations to overseas competition as well as their way paid to training camps. For instance, USAW will send two teams overseas to two separate competitions. #1 gets first choice, then #2, etc. These things make a difference for those serious about being on World and Olympic teams. The reason there are so many forfeits in the consolations is this was the last shot for many of these guys. Or maybe they aren't sure yet but their desire and drive is diminished in consolations.
  8. Disgusting how the refs won't touch the wrestlers all weekend, then put on a glove for finals like their lepers.
  9. Disgusting how the refs won't touch the wrestlers all weekend, then put on a glove for finals like their lepers.
  10. Thank you wrestlingnerd and i'll try that. I got this from Flo's site. Championship Series Mat 2 7:30 p.m. NBCSN | LIVE STREAM Championship Series Mats 1, 3, 4 7:30 p.m. Peacock | LIVE STREAMS
  11. Hopefully, they wait for all 3 bouts to be done before starting the next matches so we can adjust best bouts to big screen.
  12. What the? So I have one big screen, two laptops, and Track on my phone to determine what to watch and when. For simplicity I will have NBCSN Mat 2 on the big screen and stream the others to the laptops. But wait, Gwiz and Gable are up first on Mat 3, with JB and Dake up second bout mat 2? Note to USAW, your audience is on line in case you weren't aware. How about making it a bit more user friendly?
  13. Good point. I think CA could hold their own in a dual meet tournament. If there were such a weighted average ranking, here is how I would rank the states by quality output of HS wrestlers... 1. PA 2. OH 3. NJ 4. IL 5. CA 6. Tie...MN, MI, IA, OK, MO (probably couple others could go in here but who's to say)
  14. Both are awesome wrestling states with rich histories. I would say from pure population density alone they would have 3-4 x as many top kids. Population density helps for competitions, coaching, less travel, club participation, work out partners, etc.
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