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  1. Good point. I think CA could hold their own in a dual meet tournament. If there were such a weighted average ranking, here is how I would rank the states by quality output of HS wrestlers... 1. PA 2. OH 3. NJ 4. IL 5. CA 6. Tie...MN, MI, IA, OK, MO (probably couple others could go in here but who's to say)
  2. Both are awesome wrestling states with rich histories. I would say from pure population density alone they would have 3-4 x as many top kids. Population density helps for competitions, coaching, less travel, club participation, work out partners, etc.
  3. Nope, sitting right next to camera along with broadcasting. Just zoooom in a bit.
  4. Funny. it's not impossible to film from higher up and still be connected for mat score. Mat 1 Utah Valley St vs SDSU, guy filming zooms in and wrestling is close up. Looks fine and he is positioned well. Mat 2 NDSU V Air force match is zoomed out as mentioned above. Use the zoom and position yourself.
  5. https://www.flowrestling.org/live/24814 If promoted by flow and accessed through their website at "Live Now" then it doesn't matter to me who is filming. If they sub this out totally cool. Take 30 seconds to explain to anyone filming on their behalf on how to do it.
  6. I am making a complaint on this forum in hopes some flo guy follows this message board and makes a change. The reason for my complaint is that I have contacted them on three previous occasions without success so I will try this strategy. My complaint is watching matches/dual meets when the camera is zoomed so far out it feels like you are in the nose bleed section. From my experience, it is best to film from a bit higher up (so people don't walk or stand in the way) and then zoom in and leave a foot or two above and below the action. Not rocket science. Today, the NDSU v Air Force dual the camera is on the side of the mat (people walking in front, ref in the way, etc.) and I can actually see the top of the arena. Good grief, the arena is empty so why are you at mat side zoomed out? For the most part I am a Flo supporter (at the moment the benefits I receive are more valuable than the money I pay) so I am not bashing them...I just want them to improve the product so I (we) can enjoy the matches. I hope they read this.
  7. Very nice post Mr. Chapman and thank you for sharing.
  8. The current Zeitgeist will play a factor in the decision...https://www.olympic.org/news/tokyo-2020-event-programme-to-see-major-boost-for-female-participation-youth-and-urban-appeal
  9. Stanford Physicians discuss risk level which is relevant for other sports.
  10. Yep. Greg was always so positive, enthusiastic, and considerate. Great man. RIP.
  11. Dang, sad news for sure. RIP Carlton.
  12. "Short Time!" When on your back late in the match with no oxygen as the guys squeezes you in head and arm. Except there is 28 seconds on the clock.
  13. Similar to soccer, usually people who like it played it and understand the intricacies of the strategies, tactics, techniques and plays. Many people in America don't appreciate this unless they grew up with it or had kids who played. I have wrestled and coached all styles and appreciate the training, techniques, strategies, etc. to be successful. Similar to Soccer, oftentimes GR gets a bad wrap because people don't really know what the participants are trying to do. Honestly, I have watched many GR matches and wondered the same thing. For instance, I will watch a guy pummel like heck to get an under hook but immediately pulls it out when the other wrestler locks in an over hook. This is stalling. If I work to get an under hook, I should have a purpose for that and not be afraid when the other guy engages. I see this a lot of this in the American style today. Guys who have not trained enough or know enough in the body lock position and therefore rely totally on a pummel match (cautions/push outs) to win a match. This is boring but it shouldn't be allowed by astute officials. However, most officials don't recognize this as passivity and don't call it. I could probably write a book on this topic but just wanted to provide perspective.
  14. I don't know him I just remember watching some of his fights.
  15. I don't know him I just remember watching some of his fights.
  16. Greg Haugen is one tough dude and great fighter.
  17. http://www.paynesvillearea.com/news/sportsarticles/archives/111203/1112johnmorgan.html The last paragraph of this article speaks a bit to my background (I only share this to provide credibility to my comment). I grew up doing both and my freshman/redshirt year at NDSU I won the ND Golden Gloves tournament. Then lost in the finals of what is known as the Upper Midwest GG Boxing Championships. Then went back to wrestling. I was the transition athlete (did both) in the family as three older brothers all boxed and me and my two younger brothers took to wrestling. Wrestling training and competing is more demanding and tiring than boxing. As you all know, if you train appropriately and get into top shape, the training and competing become much easier. Boxing you stand more straight up keeping your feet underneath you and stay REAL loose. Boxing training consisted of running but no weight training (you didn't need it to punch hard), and a lot of shadow boxing, sparring, and rope skipping. Amateur's were 3, 3 minute rounds and were not as tiring as wrestling. If your good, you don't take punches flush and you go with everything and shots glance off you. As you compete against better fighters it is inevitable you will take one square in the nose or the chin (this is rare for good fighters). However, if your not in shape, too muscle bound, or to tight, you can wear yourself out quickly and can get yourself hurt. In summary, the two sports are just different and each has their unique challenges in training and competing.
  18. My question is...what scoring rules in Freestyle would you like to see implemented in Folk? The reason I ask is because the NCAA Rules Committee is constantly adapting rules to make the sport better. Sometimes those rules are very minor but sometimes they make a big difference. "Hands to the face" penalty first offense lasted one year, and it was changed as too draconian. Scoring and allowing pinning out of bounds has been a good rule change. There are some Freestyle rules I would like to see in Folkstyle but there are many rules I would not want. I would like to see a reward for feet to back technique. Think Mark Hall vs Michael Kemmerer first match. Hall jacks up MK with double underhooks and throws MK to his back and MK comes out the back and scores TD so 2 MK and 0 MH. Maybe this could have been 2-2 or 3-2? The excitement of Hall taking the risk on the throw hurt him. What's the lesson? Don't take those kind of risks, or only in desperation. The moment you add scoring for feet to back, you will see better technique being developed in wrestling rooms across the country (just watch the Russian Nationals highlight film). However, there are many things about Free I would not like: * 3 Officials...ridiculous * Par Terre * Being under the umbrella of UWW rule changes. Would you rather be under the protection of The Bill of Rights or under the whims of the UN?
  19. Wow. Sad to hear and great guy, coach, and wrestler. Prayers for Joe for a healthy recovery.
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