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  1. Man, can't wait for the conference wrestling to start.
  2. DoubleHalf. I have respect for you and I tip my hat as the 28 day camp is no easy feat. I used to work Jrobs camps in the summer and they helped me immeasurably in so many ways. I also think many kids who go to this camp aren't the top recruits but they are the kids who want to be better. I admire and appreciate that in a kid more than the talent level.
  3. Hi Monagfam, I am a fan for two reasons...I love to look for diamonds in the rough. The kids who were overlooked in HS for various reasons and then pour it on later. They have a passion for the sport and want to be really good, and can be, but they may not be in the right training environment. No disrespect to any naia, dii, or jc coaches, but a top DI programs have the practice partners, alumni via club training, multiple coaches, tougher schedules, etc. and that environment is difficult to replicate. Second, and this is more locally, I like to follow kids who I enjoyed watching in HS to see how they do at their respective national tournaments.
  4. I love watching the kid wrestle and he is fully capable of wrestling DI and I too think he can AA.
  5. Strength and Conditioning coaches at colleges today are top notch at putting beef on athletes. If an athlete has the frame for it, through proper diet (increase calories) and proper high weight/low rep weight training this can easily be done. Many young athletes have not fully matured yet (and some have...Mark Hall?) and once you quit cutting weight and go the opposite direction (lifting and eating) it is not out of the question to jump two weight classes.
  6. Yeah, Caffey is a bad draw for everyone in the weight class probably with exception of Zahid. He may lose matches but it's not by much and on any given day can beat the best.
  7. Again, objectively, I am just looking at the technique/move...I didn't say anyone was trying to hurt anyone and regardless of who the wrestlers are. So I appreciate your agreement. Personally and in my opinion, I wouldn't teach this type of inside cradle for fear the bottom wrestler would get hurt. Why? The bottom wrestler will feel the pressure on the inside portion of his knee. Having had this injury before, even a partial tear to the medial collateral ligament is a bitch.
  8. In the rule book they refer to almost all positions of pressure against the normal movement of the knee as "twisting knee lock"
  9. First, I have no skin in the game and as a former wrestler and coach, I am trying to be objective. The match is on Youtube and watch the replay starting at 1:43. Use your phone to record in slow motion if you want to really analyze the move in even slower motion. Top wrestler (TW) uses both hands to slightly tug/pull the lower part of the leg of Bottom Wrestler (BW) outside of his base to ensure BW does not sit on his own leg. TW then posts his left hand and pulls again with his right hand (with right forearm placed against the side of the leg of BW) to make sure the bottom part of BW leg is outside of his base. TW then reaches for bottom of the foot/toe with left hand and turns the toe outward. Note BW head is stuck under TW hips/thigh. TW then pulls again with both hands outward. TW then releases the leg with both hands and goes for cradle. The question is (regardless of who the wrestlers are, what team they are for or their past performances), "Is the pressure against the normal movement of the knee joint?"
  10. It doesn't say "twisting" it says "The pressure is against the normal movement of the knee joint."
  11. From the rule book. Although what happened was not exactly illustrated, the pressure is against the normal movement of the knee joint. The rule book also states that an illegal hold should be stopped by the referee to prevent injury but in cases where the illegal hold/movement cannot be prevented it should be penalized. Objectively, I would say that move is going against the normal movement of the joint no matter who does it.
  12. Funny. Yep, plastics under the sweats and everything tucked in tight to sweat as much as possible. Take it all off, dry down, step on scale, making weight by an ounce or two if lucky and then downing a 32 oz Gatorade in seconds.
  13. Agreed. It was a nice documentary and a great tribute to Alex and the Stickley family. Odd, I remember watching the Wi/IA dual last year and hearing about the bELIeve story but I guess I didn't really put the it together until today. I was at the Big Tens last year when Alex beat Joseph and the arena was just electric after his victory. Powerful tribute.
  14. I didn't like his antics when he was with Drexel and did that dumb move to Micic. However, I like watching him now and understand he has some corny antics but he is entertaining. Aside from that I love the way he wrestles.
  15. Pat, congratulations to you and your brother for your outstanding careers. It's an honor to have you provide your insight and wisdom to this board.
  16. I would stay with Folk and here are some of my reasons... * Folkstyle rule changes/adaptations are made via the NCAA Coaches Committee...these guys know wrestling pretty well (I don't recall who is currently on the committee) and although I don't agree with all of them, at least it's fairly consistent from year to year. * The international rules are set by the Officials (not coaches). * Think of all the rule changes in international wrestling over the past couple decades...2 minute periods with no accumulated scoring, the infamous ball grab, single leg position after after tied period, forced body lock after tied periods, one day tournaments with single elimination or virtually no wrestle backs, no sense even wrestling for third place as we need to get these damn matches over with, good grief I could go on and on. If these guys were in charge of my marketing department and responsible for filling the seats, i would have fired them multiple times over. * Contrast any international tournament, even the Olympics and world championships, to the DI NCAA wrestling championships. The DI's are a much better fan experience. Some of the reasons for this is the brackets are easy to understand, the tournament is spread over three days and fans can go the bars with their friends/family and talk about the great matches and the anticipation of great matches to come. The Big Tens are similar. These are fun times. * If we move to international rules, we will be beholden to the international officials (yikes) and their opinions. No more input from the field. * International wrestling has three officials for each mat? What a joke and waste of travel expenses. * International matches have a lot of subjectivity to the scoring (who tilted who?, no sure but better get the three officials together to discuss) * The international officials are constantly blowing the whistle and stopping the matches. Oftentimes they are even scolding the wrestlers which gives a tone of disrespect. * Is Folkstyle perfect? Probably not, but at least it's uniquely ours.
  17. Dang. I could be behind the times and that may be so. AV DI champs...Mark Hall, Seth Gross, and Matt Demary (WI). DII champs Destin McCauley (NE Kearney), and Mike Langlais (NDSU). I am missing someone but not sure who off hand.
  18. I agree with Antitroll...I am sure there are not many HS's in the country who can claim even close to 9 NCAA champs. As a comparison, Bloomington Kennedy HS in MN has the highest number of NCAA champs in the state with three...Marty Morgan (MN), Joel Sharratt (IA), and Jason Ness (MN).
  19. Very competitive matches so far. Woods/Pletcher OT and Griffith pin was crazy
  20. That would be similar to "Gross Misconduct" in the workplace...terminatable on the first offence. How did this person get to be reffing at this level is another injustice. Sorry, I have zero empathy in this situation.
  21. %$#$@ Ref. From being in the room for thousands of hours and referring tons of wrestle off's, you know immediately when someone is injured like that. That should be her last match. Fired!
  22. in 2011 the U of NE Omaha, won Division II National Title (their 8th national title) under the great coach Mike Denney and he was notified the next day the program was to be dropped...and it was. They also dropped Football when they went DI.
  23. I don't think folkstyle wrestling is easy to understand, we just grew up with it and it all seems natural/obvious now. Had a friend from Russia live here for awhile and he gave up after a couple meets because of how confusing all the rules were. Also a big reason why it's struggling to get traction outside of the US, if you didn't grow up here a lot of it is weird and nonsensical. Totally agree with the rest of your points though... My point is...people who grow up in wrestling love wrestling (for the most part). Grow the sport at the grassroots and you sustain the craft. Hard to get people who love tennis to start watching wrestling if they didn't grow up doing it.
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