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  1. Stoll was not out wrestling him. He was using his weight to back him up to the edge, THEN jack him up, and force him out thus getting the stall point he didn't want to wrestle him he wanted to push Parris to the edge and force stall calls. I don't blame stoll hes playing to the rules, no matter how bad of a rule. There was plenty of times Parris tried to circle out, but was not effective. The loss is on Parris for not adjusting, but that is an extremely ugly match, just not sure if moreso for Stoll, Parris, or the ref.
  2. Stoll needs to forfeit, move to China and pursue Sumo. This is despicable.
  3. Nick Lee is exceptional at getting to the legs. Not so much with finishing. If he cleans that up he’s got a high ceiling. I would rank him higher because of the head to head over McKenna. His loss to Moran was bad, and a direct result of poor finishes on leg attacks. He cleans that up, I see a more decisive win over McKenna next time.
  4. You guys, please explain when they started seeding at practices? Back in my day there were no gardens in the mat room, and we had to walk 5 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, just to get there.
  5. Maybe all that time spent in the "pond" made him more fresh for this match?
  6. Playing captain obvious, atleast 133 has someone who looks deserving of the #1 rank now. Micic showed up to play today against a really tough dude in Pletcher. Up to this point 133 has looked like a level playing field (still is) but he looked the part.... tonight. Great showing.
  7. Take it one step further, “ Gilmans a punk, if he didn’t help team USA win a world title, he wouldn’t be on the team.” How profound.
  8. Seriously, I’m no hawk fan, but those saying Desanto should never have brought on to Iowa need to get a life. Sure the kid over reacts, and outside of the cr@p he pulled on Micic last year, all I see is intensity that some people might find distasteful. He got caught up in the moment, he’s still got some growing up to do but that’s what coaches are for. Coaching not only allows to grow a kid into a better wrestler but also teach him how to be a man. The way Brands was all over him after beating Suriano and his interview after, it’s obvious they are aware and teaching him. The Micic thing should have got him DQ out of the tournament, and for awhile I condemned him for it, but give the kid a break and let him wrestle, I love his style and mind set he just needs to keep cool, and I hope he isn’t listening to any of the sour chops on here.
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