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  1. I was there, and the last time I saw DeSanto jumping around was when he came out onto the mat before he wrestled. Later in the meet I saw him give some fist pumps, but he was standing in place and leaning against teammates or supporting himself on a chair anytime he was on his feet.
  2. Matt McDonough and Jay Borschel both from Linn-Mar high school.
  3. After beating up on the likes of Vito, Cruz, and NaTo, it makes absolute sense that Lee would be afraid to wrestle Patrick mother effing Glory.
  4. This was common for those of us who wrestled in high school in the 80s and 90s. There wasn't wrestling on TV unless you lived in the state of Iowa, but we all knew about Iowa anyway. We'd get VHS tapes of Iowa wrestling and watch them, and "Iowa Style" was a legitimate thing talked about all over. PSU is the big name now, but Iowa had a real mystique about them that I don't think we'll see again in this sport. Similar to how you can argue that we've had better wrestlers since Gable, but nobody has matched the Gable mystique. So it is easy to believe that there are a lot of Iowa wrestling fans around the country in their 30s to 50s who have 0 ties to the University of Iowa and have only been to the state to watch wrestling.
  5. The most impressive wrestler of the tournament, and it isn't even close. He looked very calm out there too, which is just as impressive. Looks like we'll be in good hands after JB retires.
  6. Better draw for Stoll than before.
  7. If everyone has to drive to get there, does that mean we'll have a sober crowd for session 2? I wonder how that'll work.
  8. After talking about Spencer Lee. I'm amused constantly at people thinking that they know what I am talking about at press conferences, and especially the bigger wrestling "news" pundits out there, and they don't know **** from shinola ... These pundits, they just want to make up stories along the way, and I'll just leave it at that, how's that? Who could he possibly be referring to!? He does call out Flo later in the interview over how amused he and his wife are over how they try to make a big deal out of small things like Warner's shoulder injury earlier in the season. https://soundcloud.com/todd-conner-349810518/tom-brands-ncaas-preview-interview
  9. I said Tyler, not Alex. He isn't beating Alex, but if Tyler Marinelli makes it to the quarters vs. Chance, then I think Chance wins.
  10. If Tyler can knock off both Fogarty and Wick, then I'll take Chance over Marinelli in the quarters.
  11. Barry looks like a 141 pounder in this 118 pound final.
  12. Weaver was already a silver world medalist in 1979 and made the Olympic team in 1980 at the time of this tournament, and then won Olympic gold in 84. He was a 48kg wrestler and was giving up a ton of weight in college, especially in the early 80s when guys were cutting a ridiculous amount, so he didn't accomplish much there, but was incredible at his natural weight.
  13. 125- Lee over Rivera 133- Suriano over Fix 141- Diakomihalis over McKenna 149- Ashnault over Lugo 157- Nolf over Berger 165- Marinelli over Massa 174- Zahid over Hall 184- Martin over Foster 197- Nickal over Moore HWT- Steveson over White 
  14. I was listening to the broadcast mentioned, and Ironside didn't say he had mono, he said he had a mono-like illness. I've also heard the rumors that he came away with pneumonia when he was hospitalized earlier in the season, which took him out of practice for a while. Who really knows? All I know is that we'll all be cheering him on in the Olympics some day regardless of what college team we follow now.
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