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    If you held a gun to my head and told me to pick the better wrestler, then I'd lie and pick one because I don't want to be shot in the head, but in reality I can't really choose who the better wrestler was THIS season. The award doesn't go to the best wrestler IF they are healthy, it goes to the best wrestler in the form that they competed in, so we have to take Spencer with no ACLs. We haven't seen a healthy Spencer since what, his sophomore year in high school? Who knows how good he really is? But we aren't here to judge a hypothetical Spencer Lee. Based on the results this year I don't see how anyone can pick a clear winner. Gable faced better top competition, but Lee's average opponent was better than Gables average opponent. So stick a gun to my head and I go with the criteria which favors Lee. Straight up best wrestler? Nobody.
  2. There really isn't much of a difference. If it is about competing at which university will prepare you for an international career. Here is the number of former Iowa wrestlers vs. number of former PSU wrestlers to make the last 10 US World or Olympic freestyle teams. Nebraska and Ohio State probably have more than either. 2019: Iowa - 0, PSU - 1 2018: Iowa - 1, PSU - 1 2017: Iowa - 1, PSU - 1 2016: Iowa - 1, PSU - 1 2015: Iowa - 2, PSU - 0 2014: Iowa - 2, PSU - 1 2013: Iowa - 1, PSU - 0 2012: Iowa - 0, PSU - 0 2011: Iowa - 0, PSU - 0 2010: Iowa - 2, PSU - 0 If we want to compare club teams, then it doesn't really matter where you go to college, since you're not stuck with the club related to your university. If you want the best club team then you have to be willing to spend the cash. NLWC might be the next Foxcatcher, but the only real comparison point we have right now is Gilman's results at the HWC vs. Gilman's results at the NLWC.
  3. They could make it even simpler by adding an extra limitation: Turn 24 before the start of the semester that a sport begins, then you can't compete. Redshirts and all that are still available, but if you are "gaming the system" (which the COVID-19 year being so unprecedented, I don't really consider it as such) you are still done once you reach the age limit. Here is how the rule would have affected some of the wrestlers discussed above: Michael Kemerer - Turned 24 in December. He would have been eligible this season, but not next season. Jaydin Eierman - Turned 24 in May, so he wouldn't have been eligible to compete this season or beyond. Daton Fix - Will turn 24 next March, so next season would be his last. Myles Amine - Turned 24 in December. He would have been eligible this season, but not next season. Logan Massa - Will turn 24 in May of this year. He would have been eligible this season, but not next season. Boo Lewallen - Turned 24 in October. He would have been eligible this season, but not next season. Vito Arujau - Will turn 24 in June of 2022, so next season would be his last.
  4. Okie State invented modern stalling. Go back and watch every Okie State match ever wrestled from about 1993 until now. If the ref didn't call stalling on the OSU guy AT LEAST 4 times, then the ref shouldn't be allowed on the mat.
  5. Tom and Terry are older than Gable was when he retired.
  6. I think Jimmy huffed some paint this morning, lol. Murin and Warner will be juniors next year. Assad and Cass will be sophomores. Lee, DeSanto, and Assad never took a redshirt. Kem did tweet that he is coming back, fwiw.
  7. Okay? I guess saying that a death threat is equally bad toward a man or a woman now equates to "obviously has no respect for women." I'll have to consult the professor of logic at the University of Knowledge to see if that checks out, but just in case, I'll immediately check myself into sensitivity training.
  8. Correct Gantry. I'm not sure what those two were referring to. Every competitor for every team got the free COVID year, so it couldn't be that. I have noticed in the few time I've come to this forum that there is little in the way of legitimate wrestling discussion, but a lot of attention seeking controversial nonsense mixed in with holier than thou fake outrage, so it is par for the course.
  9. What about Micic or the Amines? Don't they compete for other countries? Maybe Earthlings? Brands wanted to take on extra terrestrials at one point, so we're going to need a Team Earth eventually.
  10. Top 4 isn't out of reach. 125: Ayala 133: Ybarra/Schriever 141: Murin/Schriever 149: Murin/Reyna/Henson 157: Reyna/Rathjen/Henson 165: Kennedy 174: Brands 184: Assad 197: Warner HWT: Cassioppi
  11. Big Iowa fan here, so it's probably obvious that I'd be rooting for RBY over Fix given the fact that Okie State is the anit-Iowa and everything that is wrong with college wrestling. Plus Fix is a cheater and shouldn't even be competing. Even though I was 100% cheering for RBY, he absolutely deserved those stall calls. Brooks deserved them too, but they weren't called. And I think Brooks is as good a person as he is a wrestler and deserves all the success he gets (opposite of his dad). I'll say this: the match was boring as all get out, but it was so satisfying watching Fix get beat by Okie State style wrestling. Now Okie State fans get to feel what everyone else feels when their wrestlers get beat by an Okie State wrestler.
  12. I only post here around nationals so I don't know your post history Antitroll, but to imply that Spencer doesn't have a good head on his shoulders or people surrounding him who only want what is best for Spencer is laughable. Either a complete ignorance of reality, or your username is meant to be ironic. So either take a closer look at Lee and his family, or enjoy the feed.
  13. Criteria per WIN. Criteria for the award includes a wrestler’s record, number of pins, dominance on the mat, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart. Wrestler's record: tie Number of pins: Spencer Lee Dominance on the mat: Spencer Lee Past credentials: Spencer Lee Quality of competition: Gable Steveson Sportsmanship/citizenship: Spencer Lee Heart: Spencer Lee Objectively it isn't even close. If WIN were to throw their own criteria out the window, then they could base it only on quality of competition and give it to Steveson. I don't know their thought process, but I'm assuming they put the criteria there so it doesn't become a "who do I like more" competition.
  14. Good point, so until we know anything for sure, we can stfu. I'll start.
  15. That's not even the issue. There are people acting as if it is worse because he allegedly said it to a woman instead of a man. What he allegedly said (according only to Pat Mineo so far) isn't gender specific. It should make no difference who he said it to, especially in an era where intent and circumstance no longer matter when it comes to words.
  16. And to be fair, if you throw glasses on the individual in question, it's Pat.
  17. He can just take his regular redshirt. Crazy thought, but imagine if Spencer had taken a redshirt, then won a title, then took an Olympic redshirt. This season would be his sophomore year, but he'd still have three more years to compete. He'd be like Fix except capable of winning national titles and no steroids.
  18. Self-imposed by Iowa though, so I don't think it matters since the NCAA wasn't interested enough in the incident to do anything about it.
  19. Looks like a man to me, but no point getting into that debate.
  20. He dominated two NCAA seasons and Sr. Nationals with a torn ACL, so who is to say he can't do the same with two torn ACLs? Logic, reason, and human limitations are the only things he has going against him right now, but those things don't usually work against Spencer. From his interview it sounds like he might be going the surgery route and redshirting next year. He specifically said he only said anything because he won, and that if he lost he wouldn't have said anything because "excuses are for wusses." Since freestyle isn't as much of a grind as folkstyle, I wouldn't be surprised if he still gave it a go at OTT, but I'm not confident he'll be there.
  21. I was there, and the last time I saw DeSanto jumping around was when he came out onto the mat before he wrestled. Later in the meet I saw him give some fist pumps, but he was standing in place and leaning against teammates or supporting himself on a chair anytime he was on his feet.
  22. Matt McDonough and Jay Borschel both from Linn-Mar high school.
  23. After beating up on the likes of Vito, Cruz, and NaTo, it makes absolute sense that Lee would be afraid to wrestle Patrick mother effing Glory.
  24. This was common for those of us who wrestled in high school in the 80s and 90s. There wasn't wrestling on TV unless you lived in the state of Iowa, but we all knew about Iowa anyway. We'd get VHS tapes of Iowa wrestling and watch them, and "Iowa Style" was a legitimate thing talked about all over. PSU is the big name now, but Iowa had a real mystique about them that I don't think we'll see again in this sport. Similar to how you can argue that we've had better wrestlers since Gable, but nobody has matched the Gable mystique. So it is easy to believe that there are a lot of Iowa wrestling fans around the country in their 30s to 50s who have 0 ties to the University of Iowa and have only been to the state to watch wrestling.
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