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  1. Thanks wrestleknownothing but the real thanks goes to those willing to share part of what contributed to their foundation today. Those who did so in this thread deserve all the accolades, not me. Knowing this forum attracts thousands motivates me to do it again in the future, not for me ā€“ but to highlight the additional individuals who have inspirational stories of their own to share that in turn inspires the rest of us. This sport is special, very special ā€“ make no mistake about it. Iā€™m merely a catalyst to get the ball rolling with the hope that others with more street cred here than I do it too.
  2. I agree, toss the Instadeath in the InstantPot.
  3. fightingsioux, 72 years is still young and I bet a lot of us would love to hear a few words on how wrestling, coaching, parenting and obvious avid fan contributed to your life today. Please consider sir!
  4. middle of the night?? I wish I had that kind of success in the morning!
  5. It's possible it was mentioned already above but if Nevills beats Kirk, then why in the world would Cael sit Nevills?
  6. I always felt bad for the former 3x - or was it 4x, Solanco HS wrestler when we learned he was no longer in Penn States plans. Who knows how the move over to Lock Haven affected his mindset / performance. A lot of us who watched him locally expected much more from him at the collegiate level. As for Nevills, yea he's getting screwed.
  7. Good for you stonerd7! ps: is that you firing one up, and behind the wheel? ;)
  8. thanks gowrestle, I'm a PSU fan so I'm hoping it's true.
  9. I recently read that on Pat Mineos site but didnt want to share the actual tweet just in case there was no credibility to it. What's your findings gowrestle?
  10. If a kid has to have his hair cut right before a match (in front of the world to see) because of "rules," then there should be some sort of price (penalty) for Dresser to pay here if it's proven what he did went against rules - which it appears he not only did, but admitted to.
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