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  1. Cael is about doing what's right for his young men.
  2. Did you read the article Mr. Reporter? "We are saddened to have to make this decision, but it's one that was made with the long-term best interest of the athletics program in mind," said director of athletics Dr. Camden Wood Selig. "No one wants to reduce opportunities for young men to compete and represent Old Dominion, but we are required to be responsible with departmental resources. Our decision became even more clear during this coronavirus crisis, which we know will have significant impact on future athletics budgets. This decision will better allow the remaining sports to compete at a national level."
  3. Well there you have it. What's the of relevance of bringing up "women's basketball team has won three national titles" ?? I say bombard the the admins with 100's of emails. That's called exercising our first amendment right which I gladly did yesterday. Jason, I noticed you said you felt "gutted" in the other forum when asked about the decision. That's how many of us feel when journalists, broadcasters, announcer's and others in leadership roles in our sport tread so delicately when our sport gets hit like this. It's called job security and that's why guys like you and girlyboy foley over at inter*rap have zero credibility when this happens, at least in my opinion. Everyone willing to admit it knows what would happen if one you guys spoke up against this like so many are doing on twitter. Bottom line, more should have been done to protect this sport years ago but now its too late. I predict more fallout in the very near future. What a damn shame.
  4. of course it was "gonna happen anyway" and yes "they kinda blamed it partially on Covid-19."
  5. We had a local PA wrestler Tristan Warner sign up with ODU many years ago. Everyone in the area was so proud of the young man. Had a decent wrestling career and even qualified for the NCAA championships a few times. The also kid won the NCAA's highest academic award two seasons in a row with like a 3.9 - 4.0 GPA.
  6. “The decision in part developed from the findings of a six-month study of the athletics program by an outside consultant. The comprehensive report reviewed the national college sports landscape, identified current and future financial challenges and evaluated Title IX compliance, which led to the recommendation to discontinue a varsity sport. Once completely implemented, it is estimated that athletics will have an expense savings of approximately $1 million.” “With the change, ODU will sponsor 16 NCAA sports, nine for women and seven for men, in addition to the non-NCAA sport of women's and coed sailing. This includes women's volleyball, which will begin its first season at ODU in the fall. NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision programs are required to sponsor at least 16 sports.” No men’s wrestling at ODU but women’s volleyball remains. Title 9 strikes again. Make no mistake about it – this has been in the works for some time and the excuse of the virus is a perfect time to axe the program.
  7. Jross –Here’s what you probably don’t realize when you post something like this. You minimize all the other posters which could minimize board participation. In addition, you inadvertently alienate new posters. Shouldn’t you be looking for ways to attract new participants? What you and the creators of themat.com should be doing is looking for ways to increase participation. You keep on highlighting and praising those who kiss each other a** and it really accomplishes nothing other than stroking their egos. Look at how giddy some of these guys are after seeing their names up there. They’re like little girls! Perhaps you could send out tier 1 via email. By the way, why did you exclude tier 2 and 3? Aren’t these people just as important to the board? Certainly they contribute in some way, no? I don’t blame Russell for sharing his opinion on this. He like I have the cujones to tell it like it is and many of these superstars don’t like it so we don’t get the emojes or whatever you call the circles to the right. By the way, one thing I have to say is RussellScout and I probably hold the record for most closed threads. How about some love for that. When he and I go at it – well, we go at it and the mods have no choice but to shut it down. This guy really ticks me off and I clearly do the same for him, yet for some strange reason, we continue to engage good bad or indifferent. I like it and I think he does too. We’re both renegades and we like to “throw some hands” every now and then. The next morning we both wake up to log in only to learn we’re still active members. That’s a testament to the mods who are allowing us to mix it up a bit. It’s why the threads on Covid 19 exist – they recognize the correlation to our sport so they allow it to go on. Jross – you should be looking for ways to mix it up and encourage more participation. I do not care what any of you have to say – even if I was on the same tier you guys worship, you are discouraging participation whether you realize it or not. A lot of new people (lurkers) visit, read and maybe leave an emoje – but how do we get them to actually leave a reply, debate, share their thoughts / findings, etc and remain? Shouldn't that be the goal? Look there’s no way what I’m saying is viewed favorably – I get that, but what you don’t get is as smart and accomplished as many of you are, you’re really stupid in so many other ways. Me, I’m stupid all the time. Did you get that medman? There’s something new for you to copy and paste. Gosce - there's something new for you report. Jross – all kidding aside, please don’t think I’m cheapening what you do here. You shared some things about yourself and your family plus you’re smart as a whip so I have nothing but respect for you. I just wanted to point out my view of this latest analysis. It's wrong the way you go about it and I feel it not only turns off existing posters but I believe it turns away those who might want to be for the first time. Have a good night.
  8. I'm just asking your personal opinion - nothing more. After reading through some of the twitter comments, it appears many are cheering Cael and others on. Sure its too late, but do you think this will have any impact - even marginally? Perhaps he and other winter sports leaders arrange a meeting with the NCAA - your thoughts?
  9. thanks for being so cool about it Big! - you know I take a lot of "incoming" here so it's nice to have a fun exchange for once! Have a safe night!
  10. I'd be surprised since Lurker has been on this for quite some time....he's up to 8 pages and that's because people here are interested / concerned plus they're posting findings of their own. Hey, time to hit the sack ionel. Have a good night!
  11. I meant here in the forum, and yes - I'm aware of the things you've cited. Until it hits "home" some people are still going to do as they please while selfishly placing everyone around them at risk. That's the beauty of this board - we can chat / spar with one another without being any where near one another!
  12. do you know anyone who isn't?
  13. Hey Dan - since you started this thread, have you read through some of the twitter comments since Cael made that statement? I'm not sure if anyone who makes decisions @ the NCAA is listening but could this pick up steam in your opinion?
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