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  1. I hope you are right but the one thing about this meet is that something big and unexpected almost always happens. John Smith said this in an interview once.
  2. Iowa has like 15 from the state on the roster and more coming in next year. Wilcke and Brands were starting but not now
  3. I agree. I"m not in the practice room but I trust Brands to know what he's doing. Probably the Midlands was a big factor? I think Wilcke is tough and he can stay with or beat anybody in the country but also lose by a point or 2 to a lot of wrestlers. Tough call for the senior.
  4. I think Ironside said 9000 or so
  5. Stieber did win 6-3 but the 2 pt nearfall which Ramos didn't get would make it 6-5 with time on the clock and a takedown wins it. They went into overtime in the big 10 finals.
  6. I think Bruce Kinseth pinned his way through the Big 10 an NCAA's
  7. Seems like Brad Penrith got into the lineup real late then won NCAA title
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