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  1. Mark Ironside ended his college career with a 67 match winning streak and Jim Zalesky ended his with an 89 match winning streak
  2. Randy Lewis vs Darryl Burley the all star meet and the finals both are good.
  3. Well my brother swears it was a pin but he's totally biased. I honestly don't think it was a pin. The thing is if Ramos gets 2 it's a much closer match and Stieber can't afford a mistake and Ramos knows a takedown could put him in the match, overtime, or a win. It's hard to say how it could have changed the outcome and likely wouldn't have. Stieber was very good on his feet. It's fun to speculate the could have would have should have outcomes.. Since you asked I feel it was awfully close and should have been 2 IMO. It would be hard to be a ref and make those calls in a heartbeat and he certainly had a better view than me.
  4. Some people think he was pinned but I think the controversy was if there were back points. The ref seemed to be in slow motion. Go watch ADS against Seth Gross in the Midlands finals and see how quick the ref gives 2 to Gross. It is what it is.
  5. Iowa. My brother took me to a meet about 1975 I think. Gable was still an assistant. Interesting note, in the program they handed out at the meet Gary Kurdelmeier said that as good as Gable was as a wrestler, he will be remembered more as a coach. Gary saw it way before it all happened.
  6. I hope you are right but the one thing about this meet is that something big and unexpected almost always happens. John Smith said this in an interview once.
  7. Iowa has like 15 from the state on the roster and more coming in next year. Wilcke and Brands were starting but not now
  8. I agree. I"m not in the practice room but I trust Brands to know what he's doing. Probably the Midlands was a big factor? I think Wilcke is tough and he can stay with or beat anybody in the country but also lose by a point or 2 to a lot of wrestlers. Tough call for the senior.
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