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  1. Cradle1969

    Cassar starting to annoy teammates...

    Very true.
  2. Cradle1969

    Marinelli's draw

    Everyone is complaining about Marinelli having to wrestle Smith in round 1. What Smith having to wrestle Marinelli in round 1.
  3. Cradle1969

    The Heavyweight Match was Weird

    I think Steveson wrestles much more aggressively if they meet again. I think he will use his weight advantage better and try and force some stall calls.
  4. Cradle1969

    Seeding 165 at NCAAs

    I don't think Marinelli wants to see Wick for a third time this year.
  5. Cradle1969

    Russia announced lineup for World Cup 2019

    Tough team. Should be a battle.
  6. Cradle1969

    Seeding 165 at NCAAs

    No way Cenzo drops below 3. Most likely 2.
  7. Cradle1969

    Myles Martin Interview

    I think he will be in the mix in Paris 2024.
  8. Cradle1969

    NCAA Seeding at 197

    Nobody will want to be seeded 4 or 5. The six seed has a better chance than the 4/5.
  9. Cradle1969

    Myles Martin Interview

    Myles Martin is an extremely impressive young man. I look forward to seeing how he develops on the next level. His pure athleticism combined with his attitude make for a very high ceiling.
  10. Cradle1969

    Jimmy Kennedy MOW

    Wrestling is an incredibly emotional sport, but coaches at the college level should not act like that. If i were the AD at Northwestern, I would speak to Stornlio about his assistants. Direct your passion and emotion at your athlete, not the opposing coaches or athletes. This comes with experience and maturity.
  11. Cradle1969

    NCAA Seeding at 285

    They should make the seeding meeting a PPV event.
  12. Cradle1969

    Where should Rasheed be seeded?

    He should be 2 or 3. Even if he had wrestled today and lost - i don't think he would have fallen below 3.
  13. Cradle1969

    NCAA Seeding at 197

    Obviously Bo is #1. What does the seeding committee do with Weigel? He's undefeated and just dismantled Miklus. Also interested in seeing what seed Warner gets. He has had some good wins but also a few bad losses.
  14. Cradle1969

    NCAA Seeding at 285

    It is going to be VERY interesting to see how they seed 285. The top 3 have all beaten each other. I would go 1 - Cassar, 2 - Gable, 3 - White.
  15. Cradle1969

    Missouri vs Iowa State

    Missouri may need bonus points from Lewis to win.