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    Wrestling is an incredibly emotional sport, but coaches at the college level should not act like that. If i were the AD at Northwestern, I would speak to Stornlio about his assistants. Direct your passion and emotion at your athlete, not the opposing coaches or athletes. This comes with experience and maturity. 
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    Cradle1969 got a reaction from wildcatfan1992 in NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic   
    The goal of a high school wrestler is to win state. The goal of a college wrestler is to win NCAA's. The goal of post grads is to win Worlds/Olympics. I agree - challenging oneself to be the best is important and part of the "code", but should not interfere or get in the way of winning these championships. These athletes/coaches have to do what is best for themselves and their programs and not worry about who wins fans respect. 
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    Cradle1969 got a reaction from qc8223 in PSU third period conditioning   
    I think nerves before matches is also key. PSU guys seem more relaxed than most others. 
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    Cradle1969 got a reaction from southend in NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic   
    Was it smart for Rivera to bump up? What did it accomplish? Yes, he showed he's not afraid to lose, yes he showed he's up for a challenge. But at what expense. Did Micic expose some weaknesses that Lee and Brands can now attack? I believe the # 1 goal of an NCAA wrestler is to win the NCAA Championship. Whatever strategy, tactics, approach that gets THAT job done is what should be done. If I were a NCAA coach - that is what I would be concerned with. I wouldn't worry about what the fans want to see or what some people think is best for the sport. 
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    Cradle1969 got a reaction from VakAttack in Penn State vs Indiana   
    That is correct.
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