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  1. buckeyehomer

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Ankle, not knee.
  2. buckeyehomer

    Russia World Team Wrestle Offs

    57 Uguev (defending world champ) 61 Idrisov (U23 World Champ) 65 Rashidov (2x World Silver) 70 Baev (Junior World Champ, U23 Silver) 74 Sidakov (defending world champ) 79 Nabiev (U23 World Silver) 86 Naifonov (U23 World Silver, 2018 European Champ) 92 Jabrailov 97 Sadulaev (Wolrd & Olympic Champ) 125 Khizriev (5th in world)
  3. buckeyehomer

    Junior Worlds

    Mason's dump is nasty. If you don't know its coming he always gets it.
  4. buckeyehomer

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    I have only seen one match of Kurt Angles, and that was the 1996 Olympic final which is one of my least favorite matches of all time, which pretty much left me with no idea how he wrestled. Stumbled on this video on youtube and man he could hit some nasty stuff. Very impressive!
  5. buckeyehomer

    Kevin Jackson

    I think Kevin has done a good job with our young guys. Sometimes tournaments just don't fall the way we wanted them to.
  6. buckeyehomer

    Entire World Team

    I agree with everything here except that you have Daton Fix more likely to medal than Burroughs.
  7. buckeyehomer

    2019 Medved International Line-Up

    I watched the match, Steveson hit a blast double to Rakhimovs back. As they hit the ground Gables hand was out and they went 1 for the other guy which really confuse me. It was challenged and Gable down 0-2. Stepped in on a bear hug and got thrown to his back (same way he lost to this guy at junior worlds). from there just trying to play catch up.
  8. buckeyehomer

    Entire World Team

    So looking back at our freestyle team after a couple of events 57: Daton Fix - Beat the tough Cuban at Pan Ams, can definitely compete at this level. 61: Tyler Graff - Just took bronze at the medved. Not very likely to maybe and possibly 0-1, but maybe with the right draw... 65: Zain Retherford - Not feeling great given his injury, BUT i still think Zain could gas anyone on any given day. 70: James Green - What the heck is going on with him? At this rate he might not win a match at worlds. 74: Jordan Burroughs - He is wrestling a ton of close matches. Still one of the best in the world. Heres to hoping he can pull off one more. 79: Kyle Dake or Alex Dieringer - Wrestle off coming soon. World title contender either way. 86: Pat Downey - Has not looked great at all. 92: J'den Cox - Looks like the best guy on the team right now, WOW! 97: Kyle Snyder- Looks like his usual self. Hoping for at least silver. 125: Nick Gwiazdowski - Looking solid, but he isn't beating Akgul.
  9. buckeyehomer

    2019 Medved International Line-Up

    Apparently Graff came back to get bronze!
  10. buckeyehomer

    2019 Medved International Line-Up

    Gable is in the finals. And I THINK Graff got pulled back in after losing to a russian. Deakin lost a close match to a believe a world silver medalist. still trying to get more info.
  11. buckeyehomer

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Guy was I believe ranked #6 in the world, and took 5th last year losing to Takahashi by a point. Doesn't mean go crazy, but Daton can compete for sure.
  12. buckeyehomer

    Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2000s

    This is really really cool. Crazy that Penn State has 4 in the top 15 just based on credentials. Honestly they probably have 4 in the top 9 easily between Nolf Taylor Ruth and Nickal.
  13. buckeyehomer

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Arthur was a good D3 wrestler for sure. His losses were to the national champ in the semis, and the returning national champ for 3rd. That being said, our world team rep should win.
  14. buckeyehomer

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Fix will have Ortega in the semi from Cuba who was 5th in the world last year. A good test. Burroughs semi from Cuba is a multiple time world medalist who is pretty old (like 4 or 5 medals from 2005 to 2010), plus he will see Gomez. Downey will see Torreblanca in semis. Snyder has Salas Perez in his semi. I know nothing about 125kg.
  15. buckeyehomer

    Pan Am Games Draws

    How is Angus Arthur wrestling for a different country? He is a tough kid, I would think Downey will beat him.