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  1. buckeyehomer

    Penn State 2019-2020 optimal lineup

    I might be mistaken, but didn't Rasheed wrestle quite a bit the year he was injured and was a backup anyway?
  2. buckeyehomer

    Penn State 2019-2020 optimal lineup

    That is an excellent lineup. Full disclosure, I'm a huge Penn State hater, but I think if you give all three of those guys 6th years that's BS.
  3. buckeyehomer

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    Cenzo will get one of his trips
  4. buckeyehomer

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    fair point. wish they didn't stick the mic right in their face but i guess its good for the sport.
  5. buckeyehomer

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    outside of how bad that match was reffed, I am surprised at some of the stupid things these guys say after. Like really Yianni, he didn't want to wrestle the whole match? How many times did he even get to a leg?
  6. buckeyehomer

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    how did everyone feel about that stalemate in the rideouts?
  7. buckeyehomer

    Burn Baby Burn Hawkeye Wrestling 2019 Deja Vu

    That is hilarious
  8. buckeyehomer

    End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks

    125 Lee 133 Micic 141 McKenna 149 Jordan 157 Nolf 165 Joseph 174 Valencia 184 Martin 197 Nickal 285 Steveson
  9. buckeyehomer

    What is Penn State's floor?

    By comparison, how good can Ohio State be? 125 - Heinselmann - Might win two matches if he qualifies. 2 points. 133 - Pletcher - I actually feel really good about Pletcher knocking off a guy like Fix or DeSanto. Ill say he scores about 12.5 points (same as last year). 141 - McKenna - Need him in the finals with some bonus 20 points. 149 - MoJo - Could realistically be in the finals with around 20 points. 157 - Hayes - Maybe somehow sneak in 8th place with a good draw. 6 points. 165 - Romero - Wins two matches at best 2 points. 174 - Cambell/Smith - Can I get a R12 4 points? 184 - MyMar - No worse than 2nd 20 points. 197 - Moore - Hopeful finalist with bonus 20 points. HWT - Singletary - Generous R12 4 points Total Team Points: 110.5
  10. buckeyehomer

    What is Penn State's floor?

    Whats the fewest points Penn State scores this year? I doubt anyone touches them even at their worst, but of course we all want a competitive team race. Thoughts? 125 - Schnupp - Probably not going to qualify. 133 - RBY - I think he is NO lower than R12, thinking he would score around 4 points. 141 - Lee - Despite the loss to Moran, I don't think he is finishing lower than 5th. At his best, he only loses to the top 3. Probably scores around 12.5 points. 149 - Berge - Could be an AA, but could also see him going 2-2 and scoring 3 points. 157 - Nolf - Gonna win his 3rd, will score 25 points. 165 - Cenzo - I personally think he will win it again, but lets say White or Wick finds a way to knock him off and he gets 3rd and scores 16. 174 - Hall - No less than 2nd. Scores at least 20 points. 184 - Rasheed - I see him in the finals, but no less than top 4. Ill say 14 points and thats REALLY low for him. 197 - Nickal - Never not made the finals. 23 points. 285 - Cassar - If anyone was going to beat Penn State that need Cassar to have a meltdown. No worse than 5th behind Gable/White/Stoll/Dhesi. 13 points. Team Total: 130.5