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  1. This German guy is much better than I thought he would be
  2. 2 things, number one I’m not so sure this is watered down. I think you are going to see some of these guys be the breakout stars over this next cycle. also, ten years ago our team couldn’t beat Russia’s 3rd string, so I am very excited about the current results.
  3. did the brackets change? some screen shots look different than the ones on UWW
  4. This will absolutely be a real world championship, as Sublime said it will be tad watered down like every worlds after the Olympics, but it will still be a collection of the best wrestlers in the world there. Sadulaev and Yazdani will be there, and Russia's team is absolutely legit. I think this worlds is where you will see the outbreak of some stars who will be representing their countries at the next olympics!
  5. 57kg Gilman 61kg Fix 65 kg Yianni D 70 kg Green 74kg Dake 79kg Burroughs 86kg Taylor 92kg Cox 97kg Snyder 125 kg Gwiz edit: updated. Really like this team!
  6. I'm pretty sure she chocked herself out with her opponents leg. It happened to me once in college.
  7. At age 33 and a new weight, I think we will see a lot of wins like this for Jb.
  8. I told myself after 2017 I would never doubt Burroughs again, but man Ringer and Imar are a tall order. Edit: Just to clarify I know Burroughs has never lost to either of them. But man covid ate up a chunk of time. Edit again: Forgot imar did take a match off Burroughs. Boy I butchered this post.
  9. Should have clarified, for now I had only looked at men’s freestyle. Definitely would love to comb back through the greco and women’s soon!
  10. Absolutely right on taylor! And just to clarify, this was more of me just curious to see who had stuck around the longest and had success on the world level. In no way is this supposed to be the top 20 or anything. Personally, Cael is in my top 5 and he has 2 medals.
  11. Don't ask, I got really bored. List is probably not quite complete I was just using wikipedia. feel free to add! Bruce Baumgartner 130kg - 2x Olympic Champ, 3x World Champ, 13 Medals overall (13) Jordan Burroughs 74 kg - Olympic Champ, 4x World Champ, 3x Bronze (8) Dave Schultz 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, 3x World Silver 2x Bronze (7) John Smith 62kg - 2x Olympic Champ, 4x World Champ (6) Kyle Snyder 97kg - Olympic Champion, 2x World Champ, Olympic Silver, 2 more world medals (6) Rick Sanders 52 kg - World Champ, 2x Olympic Silver, +2 More World Medals (5) Larry Kristoff 97kg+ - 3x World Silver, 2x Bronze (5) Bill Scherr 100 kg - World Champ, Olympic Bronze, 3 other world medals (5) John Peterson 82kg - Olympic Champ, Olympic Silver, 2x World Medalist (4) Greg Gibson 100kg - World Silver 2x, World Bronze, Olympic Silver (4) Lee Kemp 74kg - 3x World Champion, 1 bronze (4) Kenny Monday 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, World Silver, Olympic Silver (4) Melvin Douglas 90kg/82 - World Champ, 4x Medalist (4) J'den Cox 86/92kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze, World Bronze (4) Wayne Wells 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, World Silver (3) Don Behm 57kg - Olympic Silver, 2x World Silver (3) Ben Peterson 90kg - Olympic Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3) Russ Hellickson 100kg - Olympic Silver, World Silver, World Bronze (3) Chris Campbell 90kg - World Champ, World Silver, Olympic Bronze (3) Barry Davis 57kg - Olympic Silver, 2x World Medalist (3) Mark Schultz 82kg - Olympic Champ, 2x World Champ (3) Jim Scherr 90kg- 3x World Medalist (3) Zeke Jones 52kg - World Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3) Kevin Jackson 82kg - Olympic Champ, 2x World Champ (3) Terry Brands 57kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze (3) Sammie Henson 54kg - World Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3) Lincoln Mcllravy 69kg - Olympic Bronze, 2x World Medalist (3) Tervel Dlagnev 125kg - Olympic Bronze, 2x World Bronze (3) Kyle Dake 74/79kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze (3)
  12. I really like this team, just give me Suriano at 61 and Yianni or McKenna at 65. Not saying Nick Lee couldn’t be the guy just gotta see how he competes a bit more after the great Olympic trials.
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