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  1. He still has eligibility left, but d3 wrestling goes by semesters, so anytime he spent at other schools full time counts against him. I would expect you will see him wrestle second semester this year, and likely second semester next year, depending on how many years of eligibility he has left.
  2. Penn State is going to win this year by the widest gap they ever have.
  3. Love my buckeyes, just don't see Moore getting it done this year.
  4. 125: Lee 133: Gross 141: Lee 149: Sasso 157: Hidlay 165: Marinelli 174: Hall 184: Zahid 197: Reenan 285: Steveson
  5. I think we know more when we see if Decatur burns his redshirt at 33. If Decatur stays in redshirt, maybe Pletcher makes the cut to fit in Hayes at 141?
  6. Kyle is going to be training at the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club...could be one of the biggest moves in wrestling since Cael going there.
  7. I think you have to include Adeline in our top ten american wrestlers now, no?
  8. I was thinking about these three programs that are either up and coming or in route to reestablishing glory. Really interested to see how they do this season. Rutgers: Had their first two champs in school history this year and brought in the #4 recruiting class in the country with 5 top 100 recruits. They have arrived and will look to continue to keep the best jersey kids home. Iowa State: Year two was a success for the Cyclones and now they will have World Champion David Carr in the mix plus #6 recruiting class in the country. Wisconsin: Very excited for Bono's second season. They have Gross this year, brought in a fantastic #7 recruiting class and just got a commitment from Braxton Amos. Having Hillger AA as a freshman was big as well!
  9. Gross for a wrestling fan, not bad for USA. If Zain can get post Cuba he gets a guy who comes out of those two matches hopefully pretty exhausted.
  10. Alborov being out is solid for Snyder. Does anybody know what time worlds will be here in the states?
  11. Does Penn State win that year without long? Not trolling could someone legit do the math?
  12. Lemonpie, you are correct. Tariq weighed over 157.0 Coaches do have the option to switch the listed weight to the weight class he intends to wrestle, but most don't.
  13. I was much more positive earlier in the summer, but I have a bad feeling this year. I'm seeing 4 medals: Dake, Cox, Snyder, GWIZ.
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