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  1. I believe University Nationals was discontinued and turned into U23 Nationals. I don't believe Men's U23 has a date yet.
  2. Can anybody tell me when or where the U23 men's trials will be taking place? I saw on twitter it said it was STILL TBD on a date in may.
  3. I just finished reading a season on the mat not long ago and I had no idea that the Zalesky firing was as bitter as it was, and that Gable and Zalesky are not on good terms. Don't get me wrong no one is gonna be happy about being fired, but I didn't know it was like that.
  4. One can't argue that Iowa hasn't gotten all the calls here. But I also feel like years like this have happened before, I remember being pretty fired up the year Cael was the only person who had any challenges overturned. Hopefully we don't see anything too bad the rest of the tournament.
  5. 30 minute rule for his opponent, will be up soon
  6. do we really need more stalling calls?
  7. If you are referring to Ryan Moore, he is from Kentucky
  8. Didn't Pat Mineo say this was gonna happen and everyone ripped him?
  9. Chad Johnson was an excellent Heavyweight. Orlando Ponce was 2nd 2nd 2nd for them and was a beast. Mike Fuenffinger was a 2x champ in recent memory.
  10. What if Nomad just shows up on FRL tomorrow like nothing happened?
  11. Terry had a pretty bid meltdown after his loss in the NCAA finals. Manning might be one of the worst winners ive seen lol, always flexing at the other coaches in U.S. open and world team trials finals.,
  12. Spencer Adams is a great coach, but this looks like it will be an absolute disaster. I believe I read they will not be able to compete in the post season for four years, how are they supposed to recruit kids?
  13. Who are some guys who you would like to watch wrestle at the 2021 trials? Obviously not saying any of them would win or do well just guys who would be fun to watch? I would love to see Cejudo and Cormier jump into the mix. You can't say they are too old. Another MMA guy would be Pico. Stieber coming back would be cool to see. Obviously most of these are not realistic.
  14. reading the part about program expenses...not good.
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