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  1. USA Wrestling should be ashamed of themselves...They are making the U23 World Team Members pay their own way to the World Championships. How can this be??? I doubt Russia or Iran do this!! Step Up USA Wrestling and Pay for the Trips for All World Team Members.
  2. Wow after finally watching this Video there is no question...The only one that got screwed was Randy Lewis. Never should have been protested and even so, the video clearly shows 2, 1 for Lewis then a 1 for Smith. What they scored it after the Smith Protest was Lewis 2 &1 and then they gave Smith 2 & 1, Which is impossible, it's either 1 or 2 but not both 2&1. Lewis would have won an 8-8 tie. In fact you could almost score it 2,2 for Lewis and 1 for Smith. At the very worst it would be 2 Lewis 1 Smith. In fact what they did was score it 2 Lewis and then 2 Smith and 1 Smith. All those who blasted Gable should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. That is too funny!!! And thank you all for the nice words and memes! Yes, I could be his Best Win...However, he still had to win other matches to become an AA!!
  4. My Best Internationally: Vadim Bogiyev 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Boris Budayev 1989 Wold Gold Medal Nasir Gadzhikhanov 2X World Medal Sliver and Bronze Georgios Athanasiadis World Sliver and Alberto Rodriguez Cuba Nationally: Nate Care Towsands Saunders Dan St.John / David Lee / Brian Dolph / Pat Santora / John Guria
  5. Kelvin Jackson, JUCO Nat Champ 1993 NCAA Champ 1995 at 118.
  6. Dan Gable went up to 150 to wrestle Mike Grant. Both were defending National Champs. Also, Royce Alger moved up Mid-Season in 1988 from 167lbs to 177lbs. for the team.
  7. Tom Brands got Pinned by Alan Fried in the 1991 Midland Finals. :42 seconds.
  8. Gable beat Behm in the semi-finals and Hatta in the finals at 130 lbs.
  9. JP158

    D1 vs D3

    Kelivin Jackson was a D1 Champ and came from NJCAA. Shelton Benjamin also AA from JUCO. My brother Dan Pantaleo D3 Champ beat Leo Bailey first round in 85 and lost in the blood round in 84 to Jeff Kerber and in 85. Pete Gonzales, Karl Monaco a couple other D3 guys that AA'd at D1. Monaco runner-up to Keriger in 89.
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm need of at least 2 more NCAA tickets...Anyone selling or know a reasonable place to look? Joe Pantaleo
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