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  1. You're not going to see any knuckle draggers heading to the academy because of Kolat. Primary focus is academics and military service, not wrestling.
  2. I still have two sec 116 row 32
  3. I have two NCAA tickets that I can’t use section 116 Row 32 seats 3-4 250 each
  4. Two gone Seats 3 and 4 left
  5. I have four tickets to NCAA championships that I cannot use. Section 116 Row 32 seats 1-4 Face value
  6. Moving out of the country seems to be a good option. if not, the torment from his buddies is going to be extreme
  7. I’ve been to several venues over the years and the most common complaint is ticket locations and allocated tickets for teams. Am I apprehensive that this year won’t be ideal...you bet I am. I am keeping an open mind and will be there listening and watching. Will there be some hiccups- yes, will there be lessons learned- yes but I am excited to see how they present the product. Too often everyone is on this board squawking about how we need to get more fans involved to grow the sport but now that there is a larger venue people are questioning the decision. I say enjoy the tournament and trust that it will result in a better product in the future.
  8. Predict 65 gets a new name in the mix this year; Griffith out of Stanford had a good redshirt year last year and has the talent to AA Still calling Lewis as champ if he doesn’t take an Oly
  9. Looking for 3 or 4 All session tickets in the lower bowl. Will entertain all offers, motivated buyer here PM
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