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  1. Mark Branch when he won his first title
  2. mob

    Big Ten Session 3 Thread

    If Berge missed weight PSU loses his team points correct? Not that it will matter in the team race
  3. mob

    Flo Sucks

    Why doesn’t Flo have the consolation bracket on arena? They have the championship bracket and the 9th place bracket
  4. mob

    All Things Pittsburgh

    Thanks for the info. Keep it coming
  5. mob

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    Thanks for the updates TBar
  6. mob

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    Thank you
  7. mob

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    Score?? thanks for any updates
  8. mob

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Thank you
  9. mob

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Just saw on track that Venz pinned Parker. Any details?
  10. mob

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Any updates from this dual?
  11. mob

    NCAA Champs who never won their conference

    Paul Donahoe got crushed by Hazewinkle in the Big 8/12 finals the year he won it. Not sure if he won a conference title his junior or senior year.