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  1. Hope he has a full recovery. Awfully young for this to happen. Get/stay well Mr Morningstar.
  2. Getting back to the Wisky job. If I remember correctly when Bono was at SDSU, Chris Dardanes got hired as a one year assistant because Gross would be hired when his eligibilty was used up. How things have changed
  3. Thank goodness for the rule changes. Delgado played the system, although I can't believe the refs wouldn't call stalling on dropping to a leg and holding on when he was "riding"
  4. mob

    Oregon State

    Hopefully Oregon State can become a much better team. It's always good to have another wrestling team heading in the right direction, especially on the West Coast
  5. I love these. Every time I read them I laugh
  6. This definitely makes sense
  7. Hazewinkle, if I remember correctly teched Donahue 2 weeks earlier in the Big 12"s.If it wasn't a tech fall it was a major decision
  8. a couple names to add 141: Meredith 174: Kokesh
  9. My mistake. I thought NAIA was no scholarships
  10. NAIA and D3 where there are no scholarships its stupid not to have wrestling(or any other sport for that matter). If you have 30 kids on the wrestling team that's 30 kids paying tuition to that college that might only be going to that school to wrestle.
  11. Jason Powell at 125. In his championship match gave up the first takedown and wins by tech fall 17-2.
  12. Koln Knight 2X D-2 NC, 1X Runner Up, 2X D-1 AA 3rd and 4th. Got hurt the year he did't place D2. Runner up as a true freshman
  13. So has Cael been out coached 3 times in the finals?
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