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  1. Brooks could make the finals or lose in the blood round. 184 is up for grabs after Zahid.
  2. He was the 184 that they announced at face offs. Wisconsin announced 2 at a few weights
  3. mob


    I understand your thought process but I am glad that Manning and company pulled his redshirt early. If they waited until after the first of the year he wouldn't have gotten tough competition to wrestle at CKLV. Iowa and PSU usually don't have any tough tournaments until the SS and Midlands.(not sure if either of those teams are wrestling either tournament this year). Midlands does allow redshirts but from how I understand it your team has to be there to get into it. BTW I was glad they pulled the shirt before his good tournament at Vegas. I watched him at the Daktronics open and was very mpressed
  4. Watched Lovett at the Daktronics open, he looked very impressive
  5. Good list but I have to disagree that Burroughs best case is bronze. I think his best case is gold, can beat anyone in the field
  6. mob


    I saw him wrestle a tournament last season, wrestled 138 I believe. His HS team had a pretty good kid the weight below him. I thought he looked like a HS 126 pounder
  7. Whether you like PD3 or not as far as I am concerned he earned the spot. He won the trials and the person he was scheduled to compete against in Final X got injured.
  8. Not a chance. Nothing against Yanni but BTS is an exhibition. No one is peaking for BTS
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