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  1. He did. Cass couldn’t get off his back but Kerk looked like he was taking a nap. Couldn’t get off his belly
  2. Venz can beat anyone or get beat by just about anyone. If he can put together 4 matches in a row he could be on top of the podium
  3. At 184 Webster (minn) got beat by Nebraska's backup Haas
  4. It will be interesting to see if it’s Lovett or Hardy who gets the nod for the B1G tournament
  5. A friend of mine got an email about renting a suite. Haven't heard about reserved seating.
  6. If you are asking me, I don’t. Nebraska’s Twitter said the last 2 matches were injury defaults.
  7. What were the injuries the last 2 matches?
  8. Ersland is doing a great job at Purdue
  9. There really aren't tournaments after January. The B1G isn't doing any non conference duals from what I understand.
  10. I've heard the B1G is going to do only conference duals beginning either the weekend of January 8th or January 15th
  11. Hope he has a full recovery. Awfully young for this to happen. Get/stay well Mr Morningstar.
  12. Getting back to the Wisky job. If I remember correctly when Bono was at SDSU, Chris Dardanes got hired as a one year assistant because Gross would be hired when his eligibilty was used up. How things have changed
  13. Thank goodness for the rule changes. Delgado played the system, although I can't believe the refs wouldn't call stalling on dropping to a leg and holding on when he was "riding"
  14. mob

    Oregon State

    Hopefully Oregon State can become a much better team. It's always good to have another wrestling team heading in the right direction, especially on the West Coast
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