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  1. Anyone know what happened to Mikey Labriola?
  2. Agree with most of your statement but I don’t think anyone thought JB had a chance against Tsargush. He did what most thought wasn’t going to happen. Then most thought he’d get beat before the finals. His mental toughness and coaching convinced him he could win. Manning deserves a lot of credit for starting this amazing run that JB has had.
  3. NLWC has the same amount of finalists as the HWC
  4. It would make no sense for Hahn to go to Stanford to be the assistant. He could still get the head job at Stanford when Koll retires.
  5. That’s because most of the crowd thinks wrestling has been around for about 10 years
  6. I realize that. The top 3 get a stipend.
  7. I didn’t realize we were also talking alternates. Cmon man
  8. I disagree, 65 isn’t qualified. We may not have a full team. I do agree that if Cox was our rep we’d have a better team.
  9. Totally agree. Shocked the world in 2011 and has been phenomenal for USA wrestling
  10. JB is a legend in our sport. Always shows class and is very well spoken. He came to the international scene when the USA needed it. Utmost respect to him as a man and as a wrestler.
  11. One loss in SV to the 9th seed, last week. Good comparison
  12. Chad Red got screwed. 2 losses to Eierman and 1 to Rivera. He should have a higher seed than 8.
  13. Lovett/Omania could be the match of the tournament. Both good Greco guys
  14. Donahue beating Hazwinkle. I’m pretty sure Hazwinkle majored him at conference
  15. Lovett’s duck under was a thing of beauty
  16. He has Cronin in. Sjomoling not in. He does have Decateur (sp) in. If he can’t make weight at the conference tournament he doesn’t deserve a wildcard as far as I’m concerned.
  17. He did. Cass couldn’t get off his back but Kerk looked like he was taking a nap. Couldn’t get off his belly
  18. Venz can beat anyone or get beat by just about anyone. If he can put together 4 matches in a row he could be on top of the podium
  19. At 184 Webster (minn) got beat by Nebraska's backup Haas
  20. It will be interesting to see if it’s Lovett or Hardy who gets the nod for the B1G tournament
  21. A friend of mine got an email about renting a suite. Haven't heard about reserved seating.
  22. If you are asking me, I don’t. Nebraska’s Twitter said the last 2 matches were injury defaults.
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