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  1. I believe IMAR only had one loss his first two seasons, that being to Nolf by pinfall.
  2. What coaches are stepping down and/or on the hot seat now that the season is over?
  3. Does anyone know if they will be serving beer at the arena like they did last year in Cleveland?
  4. Zahid is actually the defending champ.
  5. I would put Nolf, Nickal, Martin, Yianni, Hall, and Micic all over Marinelli. Part of the requirements for winning the award is past accomplishments and all of those guys have a national title except Micic, but Micic was a finalist. I also put Micic above him because 133 is the deepest weight class this year. If they do a special Hodge for wrestlers over 35 years old, I think Marinelli edges out Gunther for that, so there is some hope.
  6. 125: Lee 133: Micic 141: Yianni 149: Micah 157: Nolf 165: Cenzo 174: Zahid 184: Martin 197: Nickal HWT: Gable
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