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  1. 2013 isn't shabby either now I think of it total titles: 13 individual titles: 7 top brass: Retherford, Cox, Martinez other champs: Heil, Ashnault, Tomasello, Cruz other finalists: Coon, Jordan, Sorensen, Lavallee (probably missing a few others)
  2. Gonna be tough to beat 2009 and 2014. 2009 total titles: 15 - not sure if any other class can beat this 2009 individual champs: 7 2009 top brass: Dake, Taylor, Ruth 2009 other champs: Perry, Nelson, St. John, Ramos 2009 other finalists: someone can fill me in 2014 total titles: 12 2014 individual champs: 6 2014 top brass: Snyder, Nickal, Nolf 2014 other champs: Cassar, Foster, Gross 2014 other finalists: McKenna, Lizak, Micic, Moisey, Jordan, Berger, (could be missing others)
  3. Press release. Deakin joins the program from Northwestern, where he compiled an impressive 109-14 career record from 2017-22. At the 2022 NCAA Championships in Detroit, he capped off his time as a Wildcat with the program's first NCAA individual title since 2014 and its ninth overall. "I am extremely grateful and excited to be a part of the Stanford wrestling movement," said Deakin. "There are a lot of special individuals in and around the program and I can't wait for the opportunity to work with everyone." Just the fourth four-time NCAA All-American in Northwestern history, Deakin was a finalist for the Hodge Trophy (2022), a three-time Big Ten champion and a five-time Academic All-Big Ten selection. In freestyle, he was a junior world silver medalist in 2017, a three-time national team member (2019-22) and a U.S. Open champion (2019). A native of Broomfield, Colorado, Deakin graduated from Northwestern with a degree in economics in 2020, a master's of science in management studies in 2021 and earned a grad certificate in specialized studies in 2022.
  4. He was a top 10 recruit in the class of 2020, and that's pretty much it. I think he medaled at Jr. Worlds this past summer too. Maybe year 3 is the charm for him. The expectations for top recruits at PSU are sky high, but their 2 blue chips (Howard and Bartlett) from that year have been very lackluster so far.
  5. Pretty much. Woods should be graduating with his bachelor's degree this spring, and he should also have 2 years of eligibility remaining. From that information, it appears a lot of people are running wild with the transfer rumors.
  6. Rocky was a top ~50 recruit in his own class. He beat some very good wrestlers his senior year and won the Ironman. He earned his recruiting ranking and would be a quality starter for a lot of D1 programs. Just happens to have an All-American on his team from 174-197. Nobody expected him to be Bo or Micah.
  7. I like Fix's odds of beating Gilman, Lee, and the 57kg field over bumping up and trying the 65kg field. Hard for me to picture Fix going up and beating Yianni, McKenna, Nick Lee, etc., and the 70kg guys who will likely come down for trials (JO, Retherford). It's possible Fix becomes even better putting on some size, but I would pick Yianni against Fix practically 10 times out of 10 right now.
  8. Dake was well-known coming out. For sure a top 5 guy in his class. Made the Junior World Team in '08 and was more heralded than Ruth. Starocci wasn't a top 10 guy, but I think he was top 50ish or so. He was definitely a top 2 or 3 guy at whatever weight he was at (170/182?).
  9. Good info. I believe Swiderski was originally projected as 141lber, but I can see him going 149/157. I thought Mendez looked small next to him in their Who's#1 match, but I haven't seen their RudisPlus Super Match. Sounds like Swiderski dominated.
  10. Agreed for the guys at 133. Fix can obviously bump up and become the instant title favorite--but I don't think he'll move up unless he decides 65kg > 57kg for 2024. I think he's a tweener, though, and 61kg is his best weight. I think McGee has the size. He looks every bit as big, if not bigger, than Fix. Here's their semis match. Said this in another thread, but I think it's possible Figs forces both Courtney and McGee up. Everyone from 125-157 might bump up to make room--or someone is going to be the odd man out at the lower weights. It's possible Figs can't beat out Courtney, but I'm having a hard time imaging a top 2 recruit will be riding the pine. Vasquez was a top recruit too--but he completely tore his hamstring just a month or two ago, so I have no idea how he'll look upon return. Perhaps he's the odd man out if Figs ends up forcing Courtney + McGee up.
  11. I agree, think he should RS. In the last 10 or so years how many true freshmen were true contenders at the big boy weights? At heavyweight, I can think of Coon and Steveson. Coon earned a #1 ranking, beat the defending champ, and beat the to-be champ—but he couldn’t put it together in the post-season for whatever reason. Steveson placed 3rd. At 197, there’s more success. Snyder was runner-up at 197. Cox won it all. Ferrari won it all. However, a guy like McIntosh was a monster coming out of HS, and he went 1-2 as a true freshman (but did appear small for 197). Maybe Feldman’s ready, but I think 285 is a different monster when considering the field next year.
  12. They were all blue chips and have had at least a year in the room now. Wouldn’t be surprised to see at least half of them make the jump to be a contender—but the team race will be much more interesting if none of them do! With an expected ~70 points from 174-285, Penn State really just needs ~30 or so points from 125-165 to really seal the deal (assuming RBY doesn’t come back). Hard to see any other team scoring over 100 without the perfect tournament. If RBY is back and just 1 of Howard, Facundo, or Van Ness (or true freshman Haines) are the real deal next year, then PSU could lock the title up by Friday.
  13. 165 is tough. Facundo seemed to be around the level of Amine (they were high school rivals, right?), but that was a couple years ago. Amine has clearly improved and has already placed twice. Has Facundo made a similar jump? O’Toole, Griffith, Amine, Hamiti, Kharchla, and Wittlake are a dangerous group. The Ivy Leagues have some tough guys too. 125 might return Lee, Glory, Vito, McKee, and Courtney in addition to a few other AAs. If he gets a tough draw and meets consi McKee on the backside, it could be bad news. But maybe Howard will be the bad draw next year.
  14. I wouldn’t mind an all PAC-12 finals about. Cornered by Cenzo and IMar too!
  15. I believe 6 of the R12/AA’s are returning. No idea if they’ll all stay at 141. I like Real Woods to win, but I could see a true freshman (Mendez or Swiderski?) coming in and winning it all.
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