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  1. Agreed. 2 shot clock points, 1 push out, and 1 challenge lost point. Pretty silly if you ask me. Fix scored the only points off an actual shot. I'm not sure how Fix was put on the clock first anyways--seemed completely arbitrary. Made the second clock much worse since Fix could no longer give up a step out.
  2. Rashidov takes out Otuguro 8-1. Otuguro was the aggressor the entire second, but he had nothing. Rashidov simply looked too strong and Otuguro could never find the angle--putting himself in bad positions or Rashidov to capitalize on.
  3. Bajrang leads 3-0 over Dave Habat going into the break. Bajrang wins 3-0. Habat couldn't get through Bajrang's head/hands defense.
  4. 184 only returns Dean and Greer. I think Brooks has the talent to beat both. The only potential issues I foresee are size (Brooks is still wrestling at 79kg) or Zahid bumping up. For all I know, Brooks could be redshirting next year, so he might not even compete. If by chance Hall decides to go 184 (I know this sounds crazy lol) or to take a redshirt, I also think Brooks has the talent to win it at 174.
  5. Sasso, Carr, and Brooks. I like at least one of them getting it done next year. Homer pick, but I think Woods has a decent shot at 141 if both Yianni and Eierman redshirt.
  6. I would be shocked if Dake agreed to this or if the coaches even consider it. The plan is for Dake to go down to 74kg next year; it would make no sense for him to go 86kg this year--even if Taylor is hurt. Dieringer, Valencia, and Nickal are all bigger than Dake, and it would make much, much more sense for the coaches to try and convince one of those three to go to 86kg.
  7. Guess nobody wanted a piece of Dieringer then Dake. Although the other options are going down for iMar then Burroughs or going up for Taylor. Anyways, I really hope to see Hall and Valencia at the trials.
  8. Anthony Valencia's best style is freestyle, and he's had some good wins on the senior circuit in the past.
  9. CA 1. Stephen Abas Career Record: 144-4 NCAA Placement: 4-1-1-1 Abas is probably the second best wrestler from 2000-2010, only behind Cael. If he didn't wrestle during the same period, he may have a Hodge or two to his name. 2. Isaiah Martinez Record: 116-3 NCAA Placement: 1-1-2-2 It might be a bit of recency bias to put him over Pendleton and Varner, but Martinez has the least losses of the three--by quite a bit. 3. Jake Varner Record: 121-10 NCAA Placement: 2-2-1-1 I think Varner's overall body of work is better than Pendleton's. Snub: 2x Champ Chris Pendleton. I think Zahid Valencia will have a good case to be #1 on this list if he goes undefeated next season and caps it off with title.
  10. Is Steveson the first Junior World Champ to not make the NCAA finals in their first attempt? Off the top of my head: Snyder - 2nd as a true frosh Hall - Champ as a true frosh Lee - Champ as a true frosh Fix - in the finals, TBD Lewis - in the finals, TBD Steveson - 3rd Edit: NVM, I see Bradley did not ever make the finals at any point in his college career.
  11. Jack "Destroyer of Worlds" Mueller! Glad I took him over Rivera!
  12. Through 157, every 5 seed has beaten the 4 seed. Let's see if Chance continues the trend against Wick.
  13. 184 blows up with Shakur and Parker both losing in the R16.
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