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  1. 1 hour ago, pamela said:

    That looks pretty good... I went with Jim Martin because I think he’s PSU all-time wins leader. McCoy gets bonus ranking points for winning the Hodge. Hall also deserves credit for wrestling-through without taking a shirt. I can’t remember if Q took a RS (sorta remembering that he did). Maybe Abe for also being an Olympian and 3x B1G winner - does PSU have Olympic medalists? 

    Also from the previous list, I think guys like Ruth and DT deserve some credit for being 4x B1G champs. I know it’s not nearly as sexy as winning a title, but the Big Ten is a really tough conference. Conversely, I’d move Cenzo down the list for not winning B1Gs during his career and it’s 50-50 that he would have beaten Marinelli at this past season’s conference tournament.

    Yup, Martin is the all-time wins leader. My only issue with putting him on the second-team is that he might not even be the greatest 125 lber in PSU history because of the names above (Megaludis, Abe, and Prescott). I believe Q went as a true freshman then redshirted the following season. I also think Joseph is for sure on the second team due to his resume at the NCAAs, but he does deserve criticism for not getting it done at the B1Gs. I just realized Hall and Joseph's records above did not include the 2020 B1G tournament matches (but TBH, it doesn't make much of a difference). 


    10 hours ago, Sstern said:

    Looking at everything comprehensively the way you lay it out here, to me Nolf looks like the clear 1.  Taylor, of whom I’m a big fan,  seems to gain a lot from hype.  I would like to see him in a real match with Nickal at 86.


    What makes Nolf #1 for you?

  2. 1 hour ago, pamela said:

    Who would be on the second team?


    McCoy, Cenzo, Q, who else? Abe? Martin?

    I'd go: 


    Mark Hall

    NCAA Placements: 1-2-2-cancelled

    Career Record: 113-6, 41 falls, 62.2% bonus rate

    Rationale: Hall is very, very good. He's #7 all-time in both win % and career falls. He's also 8th all-time in career bonus % at PSU--despite the flack he gets for not being an offensive dynamo. His only losses at the NCAAs is to another great of the current era: Zahid Valencia--and he's actually even with him in official college matches (2-2). 


    Vincenzo Joseph 

    NCAA Placements: 1-1-2-cancelled

    Career Record: 87-8, 26 falls, 59% bonus rate

    Rationale: 2x champ, 3x finalist with wins over Isaiah Martinez in both of his championship victories. His career losses:  Martinez (3x), Marinelli (2x), Lewis, Isaac Jordan, and Subjeck. 


    Kerry McCoy

    NCAA Placements: DNP-1-3-1

    Career Record: 150-18, 34 falls, 39.1% bonus rate

    Rationale: '97 Hodge winner, #2 all-time in career wins.


    Quentin Wright

    NCAA Placements: 6-1-2-1

    Career Record: 116-23, 38 falls, 45.3% bonus rate

    Rationale: I think he's the only other 3x finalist. I could be wrong. 



    For spot #5, I think you can make a case from a number of PSU lightweights: Megaludis (2-2-3-1), Abe (4-3-2-1), Martin (4-2-1-3),  or Prescott (DNQ-5-1-1). Andy Matter (2x champ) also belongs in the discussion. 











  3. It's tough to rank these 5. Their combined collegiate records are 633-15 with 271 falls, and they possess 14 NCAA Titles along with 5 Hodge Trophies. 


    Bo Nickal

    NCAA Placement: 2-1-1-1

    Career Record: 120-3, 59 falls, 76.4% bonus rate

    Losses: Nate Jackson, Myles Martin (2x)

    Finals Wins: Dean, Martin, Moore


    Ed Ruth

    NCAA Placement: 3-1-1-1

    Career Record: 136-3, 46 falls, 74.8% bonus rate

    Losses: Mike Letts, Nick Amuchastegui, Gabe Dean

    Finals Wins: Amuchastegui, Hamlin, Sheptock


    David Taylor

    NCAA Placement: 2-1-2-1

    Career Record: 134-3, 53 falls, 91.2% bonus rate

    Losses: Bubba Jenkins, Kyle Dake (2x)

    Finals Wins: Hatchet, Caldwell


    Jason Nolf

    NCAA Placement: 2-1-1-1

    Career Record: 117-3, 60 falls, 85.8% bonus rate

    Losses: Isaiah Martinez (2x), John Van Brill

    Finals Wins: Lavallee, Hidlay, Berger


    Zain Retherford

    NCAA Placement: 5-1-1-1

    Career Record: 126-3, 53 falls, 73.6% bonus rate

    Losses: Logan Stieber (2x), Mitchell Port

    Finals Wins: Sorenson, Mayes, Perry



    IMO, Nickal has the best wins of the group (his 3 finals' opponents were all very elite). Taylor was the most dominant and faced the toughest single opponent (Dake). Retherford has the most perfect seasons (and all of his losses came as a true freshman) and owns the best single win (Stieber). These 3 are also the ones with a Hodge trophy, and I would rank them in some order of 1-3. I would then put Nolf and Ruth at some order of 4-5. 



  4. For further reading and to hear from Rohskopf, himself: https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/6/24/21301297/max-rohskopf-breaks-silence-on-ufc-on-espn-11-decision-to-call-fight-on-stool


    I'm having a hard time understanding how there are posters here criticizing Max's decision to throw in the towel.  He was competitive in the first round then completely outclassed across all three judges' scorecards in the second round, 10-8. Does this mean he had already lost the fight? Of course, not. But the round apparently killed his self-confidence in that match. If a fighter says they're done, then they're done. I'm not sure how one can rationalize it's better to go out in the cage and take more damage. This isn't wrestling. He isn't risking just being controlled on his own back for a few moments; he's risking getting KTFO'd or submitted--and I assume most casual MMA fans have seen some gruesome KO's and submissions. 


    From White's quote, I presume he wholeheartedly agrees. There's nothing wrong with calling it quits. I guess Max may have lost the supposed fanaticism from a lot of "tough" guy posters who would have rather seen Max continue to get pummeled for another 5 minutes. FYI, a 10-8 round is quite the beating. 


    Max took the fight to compete. He was done competing. It takes a lot of humility to admit defeat. Kudos to Max for putting his pride aside. Live to fight another day or walk away from the sport completely. Both are fine options.





  5. The 2016 157 bracket is what comes to mind for me. IIRC, IMar and Nolf were 1-1 against each other and Gantt came in undefeated. Think the seeding committee went:


    1. IMar (most recent h2h over nolf)

    2. Gantt

    3. Nolf 


    If I had to guess, they’ll go with this for 165:


    1. Marinelli 

    2. Griffith 

    3. Joseph


    If Griffith manages to get by both and remain undefeated, I’d say he should be a serious contender for OW of the tournament and the Hodge (although I think Lee and Moore would both have to lose for that to happen). 

  6. 1 hour ago, goheels1812 said:

    I fail to see the problem here. Stanford is a program on the rise and wanted to ensure they didn’t lose a head scratching dual. O’Malley can still redshirt next year when Traxler is a redshirt senior. All due respect to Arroyo and Sihavong, but Woods and Abas are both freshman, while van der Merwe is a junior. I don’t see much potential for either of those backups to break into the lineup consistently ever in there careers. So yeah, when you have a chance to give them some varsity action you do it. I’m sure those young men will look back and be glad they got to participate in some team duals instead of protecting a redshirt. 



    7 hours ago, jsmalls131313 said:

    Wow. Thats just bad coaching and horrible advertisement to future recruits. 

    How so? I'd love an explanation. Not every guy in the room is going to be a 4-year starter. If anything, this advertises one can get opportunities to start in duals--even if they are likely to be career backups to studs like Woods and Abas. 

  7. 20 minutes ago, LJB said:

    i'm not upset... 

    what if snyder gets injured?

    what if a meteor hits the mat?

    what if a plaque breaks out????

    neither bo or zilmer are able to score any ranking points... as evidenced by their finishing positions... the present bore this out as has the past... 

    i can't fathom how this concept is remotely diffulcult for someone to grasp...

    It appears you've made up your mind and no legitimate points can sway you from your stance. Anyways, I'm glad you're supporting USA wrestling. And I am even more happy you are not making any of the coaching decisions. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, LJB said:

    jeez... you must have missed my reply... your whole post was bunk because rankings points are not transferable... i suppose you choose to ignore or just not bother to learn the process...


    So what if they're not transferable? What happens if Snyder gets a serious injury in round 1? Then we have Bo and Zillmer try and get some ranking points for themselves. My points still stand. You're really upset and making a big deal over nothing. I can't fathom how this concept is remotely difficult for someone to grasp. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, LJB said:

    i agree... and that is my main rub... bo doesn't have a chance in hell of beating snyder...

    so, why even go if you never intended to wrestle him?

    he could have just as easily gone to france and taken his mups there without fear of having to wrestle the big bad wolf snyder...

    Jeez. I already highlighted why Team USA would send multiple guys in the previous post. I suppose you just choose to ignore those points. 

  10. 37 minutes ago, LJB said:

    if you have a USAW membership, then yes, you are personally sponsoring every athlete... 

    if the objective of this tourney was solely to achieve ranking points, then bo should not have gone to begin with... he is wasting other people's time and money... 

    Thanks for being a member, but I don't think you are seeing the big picture. 


    Here's a scenario to ponder: imagine if Snyder were to get injured in his first match and proceeded to forfeit out of the tournament. If USA wrestling had sent 0 other 97kg wrestlers, we'd be out of luck on getting any ranking points. However, if USA wrestling sent an additional wrestler at 97kg (which we did in both Nickal and Zillmer), we'd still have ample opportunity to get ranking points. Hence, USA wrestling sent 3 guys to secure ranking points. 


    You seem to be upset because you didn't get to see Nickal vs. Snyder in the repechage. Other than for your entertainment, it appears there wasn't much reason for that match to actually take place today. I've seen teammates forfeit to one another many times at the high school and college level. If Snyder were still with the Ohio RTC and had met Nickal, I'm guessing there's a good chance they would have wrestled. But that's not the case.


    I'd say your time and money would be wasted if our coaches were sending Snyder and Nickal to Rome to wrestle one another. The objective of this tournament was to secure ranking points. Sending multiple guys at each weight only increased our chances of meeting that objective. I suppose if two USA wrestlers are rivals or have unsettled business, they can have at it if they meet. 








  11. 7 minutes ago, LJB said:

    in a domestic tournament, i feel much the same... even overseas i don't think they personally owe anyone anything to wrestle, but, they are subsidized to go over there and represent our country... they are both in the bracket... there is a reasonable assumption they could meet... if they don't accept the possibility they could wrestle each other, don't waste funds to go over there... 

    did the chiks FF any matches to each other?

    does anyone think if fix and gillman meet, they won't wrestle?

    the bigger point to me is that bo isn't all in... and i don't get the sense he is... if not, fine... no big deal... quit wasting other peoples money just to kill time...



    Jeez. Some of you write as if you are personally sponsoring Bo (maybe you are, what do I know?), and he has personally offended you by forfeiting his match against Snyder. 

    I personally did not see the point in the two meeting in the repechage. Why risk the injury? I'd assume the two likely know the outcome anyways--they've been training together as teammates for many weeks now. The objective of this tournament was to secure ranking points, and although we didn't get Gold, the object was partially achieved. 

    If the objective was to see if Bo was better than Snyder, I don't think they'd have to go Rome to figure that one out. 

  12. On 1/15/2020 at 10:03 AM, Wrestlingfan1997 said:

    does anyone think he has a shot at winning the title this year?

    Not sure if he ever will, but of course he has a shot. As others have already mentioned, he’s a clear #4 right now—which makes him a contender. I believe his chances this year are MUCH better than they are next year. Assuming Suriano, Fix, and Micic come back to 133, I can see him dropping much further than #4 (also assuming DeSanto and Rivera return). Arujau probably bumps up next year too, and I also like him over RBY. 133 could be a ridiculous weight next season. By his senior year, I assume at least Fix and Arujau to be at his weight. 

    RBY will probably be a 4x AA, but I would not pick him with very much confidence to win a title in the next 3 years. 

  13. 2 hours ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    I still can’t believe Gentry was both a champ and 1xAA. How many have the same results? Can’t be a long list. 

    Macchiavello is the most recent guy I can think of (who has finished his collegiate career). He didn't qualify his two years, took a redshirt, made the R12 as a RS junior, then won it all as a senior at 197.  That's quite the improvement from year to year. 


    If Cassar is done with his collegiate career then he'll be the most recent (already mentioned by 77again). 

  14. 3 hours ago, NJDan said:

    Alirez and Abas are both true freshmen, right? Who was the higher ranked recruit?

    Correct. Alirez was the higher ranked recruit. He notched wins over Nick Lee and Dean Heil (in freestyle). Off the top of my head, only Schultz and Kerkvliet were rated ahead of him. Abas was a top 10 or so recruit himself.



  15. 9 minutes ago, Bronco said:

    Stanford has FOUR guys in the finals.

    141 lbs - Real Woods - RS Freshman

    149 lbs - Jaden Abas - True Freshman

    165 lbs - Shane Griffith - RS Freshman

    197 lbs - Nathan Traxler - RS Junior

    According to WrestleStat two of those four are projected to win against their opponent in the finals and the other two are projected to lose to their opponent by ONE point.  Which tells me that Stanford COULD win all four of those weight classes. 

    Given the fact that Stanford has Require van der Merwe and Jaden Abas at 149 lbs perhaps one of those two should be moved up to 157 lbs.  Just a thought.

    van der Merwe has the better frame for 157, but I don't think he's big at 149. Hopefully the line-up features both next year. I wonder how far this group can go together in 2021. About 50 team points usually gives a team a top 10 or so finish in March, and I believe that is easily within reach next year--and may also be possible this year. 

  16. Just now, TripNSweep said:

    Takahashi won without any offense.  How did Fix get put on the clock twice when Takahashi took approximately zero shots in 6 minutes?

    Agreed. 2 shot clock points, 1 push out, and 1 challenge lost point.  Pretty silly if you ask me. 


    Fix scored the only points off an actual shot. I'm not sure how Fix was put on the clock first anyways--seemed completely arbitrary. Made the second clock much worse since Fix could no longer give up a step out. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Ragu said:


    165 - Shane Griffith

    Relatively a quiet weight with exciting new faces but let me explain why this one will be actually the loudest. I'm calling my shot right now, with Mekhi Lewis on Olympic Redshirt this year Shane Griffith will be the NCAA Champion at 165 pounds. I think he has all the goods to do it. He's long like Wick but his defense is better and his offense is just as good. He's young but tough and I think he can maneuver this deep field to reach the finals and win no matter who is across from him. 



    Oh, I like this!

  18. 15 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    Where is Brooks winning it?

    184 only returns Dean and Greer. I think Brooks has the talent to beat both. The only potential issues I foresee are size (Brooks is still wrestling at 79kg) or Zahid bumping up. For all I know, Brooks could be redshirting next year, so he might not even compete. 


    If by chance Hall decides to go 184 (I know this sounds crazy lol) or to take a redshirt, I also think Brooks has the talent to win it at 174. 

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