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  1. got a thousand Cinnabucks sayin bring it on
  2. I miss Billy. Speak for yourself!
  3. I just lol'd... nice.
  4. cuz he didn't do squat for 5 minutes doesn't mean he magically gets a stall cuz he took two half ****s.
  5. feel for Kemerer...that was a good match no matter the outcome
  6. no way this gets ruled a TD.
  7. Nick Lee was the aggressor the entire match. well earned victory!
  8. By stalling...you mean Rode Fix like a bike...then whatever
  9. Awww hell.. I nearly forgot about the simulated brackets from last year. why bring em back?
  10. Iowa and PSU with 3 champs each Gotta give the nod to IA on their depth
  11. that would be great! gotta love the smaller schools representing!
  12. I don't see anything where the Big Ten doesn't capture all 10.
  13. "Fat, Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son" - Dean Wormer
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