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  1. Ya put Cassars body of work into motion over his years at PSU, and yeah, maybe, he is in the conversation. Given that Gable S was anointed by many, plus his national and global standing accolades, he was destined to be the next great NCAA Messiah at 285 that which a Healthy and fit Cassar narrowly edged him, is huge point to Cassar. Wont give an argument about Moore, he came out of nowhere to cradle Lang all night long.
  2. I would love to have 5 - 10 teams annually with a legitimate shot at the NCAA title. Sadly, NCAA wrestling is about solid programs and dynasties...OSU, Iowa, PSU. We need an '88 Arizona St.
  3. Ya sound Bitter...Ya mad, Bro? But No...They got out wrestled, like Gable. Its that simple
  4. Cassar won!. He did what he needed to do. Quit griping like a bunch o' turds. Im upset, but not throwing hissy fits on a board that MIcic and Lee lost. Quit being d-bags
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