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  1. The finals this year did not have a MD, TF, Pin, MF or Inj Def. All Decisions...hasn't occured for atleast 10 years. I still thought the 2022 finals were exciting, but do miss the occasional pin
  2. I thought Starocci/Lewis was the best most evenly matched grapplers of the night. When O'Toole walked out to 'Shout at the Devil', I was an instant fan! Then RBY and Fix.
  3. My thoughts...? Dude, you must have the thickest skin on this board. While you post interesting topic starters, the board still just wants you to man up and acknowledge your mouth (or fingers) wrote checks that you failed to uphold.
  4. got a thousand Cinnabucks sayin bring it on
  5. I miss Billy. Speak for yourself!
  6. cuz he didn't do squat for 5 minutes doesn't mean he magically gets a stall cuz he took two half ****s.
  7. feel for Kemerer...that was a good match no matter the outcome
  8. no way this gets ruled a TD.
  9. Nick Lee was the aggressor the entire match. well earned victory!
  10. By stalling...you mean Rode Fix like a bike...then whatever
  11. Awww hell.. I nearly forgot about the simulated brackets from last year. why bring em back?
  12. Iowa and PSU with 3 champs each Gotta give the nod to IA on their depth
  13. that would be great! gotta love the smaller schools representing!
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