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  1. "Fat, Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son" - Dean Wormer
  2. I'd rather have a meandering imagination than my loved ones in a tomb. You can shove your "schtick about agendas" up your a@#
  3. Thanks for the printable link!
  4. No Link. NCAA Wrestling twitter feed
  5. Exciting for the marquee matches tomorrow. Many toss-ups makes it all the more exciting. Not making too many projections, just pointing out great matches. Feel free to make your own projections . 125- pass...SL will cruise 133 - Will be fun to watch 141 - Holla at ya boy...This one is a great rematch 149 - Lugo has the intensity to carry this match 157 - Deakin handles 165 - whoa momma - Fireworks on this one...VJ/Bull IV or V 174 - This one should be a 4 alarm 184 - Interesting match up. Bet this is the most exciting match of the day 197 - take a pee break ... 285 - ...so ya don't miss this one
  6. How does Brooks/Lenz wrestle before both 174 semis?
  7. Really hard to cheer against either one. That said, was two fierce competitors doing battle on the mat.
  8. Unfortunately, given our particular political climate, that isn't possible. Times have changed and who you choose to blame that on is clearly on you. That said, I miss foleys feed on wrestling, as I'm not willing to fork out cash unless it goes in my gullet.
  9. Two moves...well...one move, twiced
  10. Brands is a notorious duck hunter. Desanto will duck up into big tens. They whooped PSU, rest of big tens is cake.
  11. No one is giddy that a scholar athlete was outgamed. It was clear to Stevie Wonder and Ronnie Milsap that desanto pulled up lame after not one, but two locked up cradles.
  12. Desanto put himself in bad position, twice! Both times he tapped out! RbY clearly had his number tonight, with or without IJ
  13. Ya put Cassars body of work into motion over his years at PSU, and yeah, maybe, he is in the conversation. Given that Gable S was anointed by many, plus his national and global standing accolades, he was destined to be the next great NCAA Messiah at 285 that which a Healthy and fit Cassar narrowly edged him, is huge point to Cassar. Wont give an argument about Moore, he came out of nowhere to cradle Lang all night long.
  14. I would love to have 5 - 10 teams annually with a legitimate shot at the NCAA title. Sadly, NCAA wrestling is about solid programs and dynasties...OSU, Iowa, PSU. We need an '88 Arizona St.
  15. Ya sound Bitter...Ya mad, Bro? But No...They got out wrestled, like Gable. Its that simple
  16. Cassar won!. He did what he needed to do. Quit griping like a bunch o' turds. Im upset, but not throwing hissy fits on a board that MIcic and Lee lost. Quit being d-bags
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