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    jysupert reacted to SamStall365247 in Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?   
    It’s gotta be Derek Moore. 
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    jysupert reacted to yonz_g in Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?   
    Possibly; but I'm  gonna have to go with Derek Moore.
    Walk-on, one-time CIF State Placer to 1x AA, NCAA Champion, 2007 NCAA OW. All while enrolled in ROTC.
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    jysupert reacted to portajohn in Cael as a head coach - can he match Gable?   
    With next year being an Olympic year maybe Cornell sneaks their way to the top of the podium?  Unlikely but small chance.
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    jysupert reacted to stp in Wife’s opinion on...   
    Your wife sounds like a liberal.  
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    jysupert got a reaction from portajohn in NCAA Session 4 Thread   
    Cassar won!.  He did what he needed to do. Quit griping like a bunch o' turds. Im upset, but not throwing hissy fits on a board that MIcic and Lee lost. Quit being d-bags
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