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  1. Pay pal do it as a purchase so it is covered by the PayPal policy.
  2. Prices are a lot cheaper this year than when it was in Pittsburgh.
  3. I have sold mY finals tickets but will sell session 1-5 for 225 per ticket message me if interested.
  4. 4 tickets still available email me heggy141@yahoo.com or message me on here.
  5. My tickets are still available $475 per all session ticket.
  6. Session one is 221 row 8 session 2 is 216 row 6 session 3 in 217 row 7 session 4 is 220 row 8 session 5 is 217 row 10 and the finals are section 221 row 4. Message me if interested.
  7. I have 4 sets of tickets to all sessions they are in a different section for each session but they are all together each session. willing to split into 2 pairs if needed. Let me know if interested.
  8. I have two extra tickets for session 1 and 2 Section 212 row B. PM me if your interested.
  9. I finally got a great deal this morning for tickets and it came from stub hub I checked this morning and found tickets for a great price In section 112. So hopefully more tickets will be dropping in price as time goes on. Keep looking everyone.
  10. I’m just curious who has all the tickets this year not even many on the after market but just for outrageous prices... I have a room already will probly go the scalping rout if I have to.
  11. I know schools have already been given their allotments but from what I’ve been told they have been given much less than expected. So I’m not sure what’s going on I don’t ever remember it being this difficult for tickets.
  12. There are some there now but after all the fees and everything it’s almost 1000 dollars for a ticket that’s just crazy.
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