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  1. Which one did we decide on? 'Heinselman-The Revenge Tour'
  2. GTG put on 35lbs. Different wrestler.
  3. He'll set em' up. You knock em' down.
  4. Really Bro? You went the, 'potato' route?
  5. Did anyone else think the, 'NCAA promo piece' on Gable portrayed him as, 'villain' like? AND Isn't that a strange take from the NCAA on a, 'student athlete?' I just thought it was odd. No more or less.
  6. Scribe bailed way back in the spring I believe. That cat has been MIA for months.
  7. Two-time Ohio state champion (1997-99) and the 1999 National High School champion with a career high school record of 167-10 with 98 pins.
  8. I didn't post it for you. I figure if you posted it you must know. Yes, I realize that's giving a lot of credibility to most.
  9. He's not alone either. Another IVY guy will be doing the same.
  10. Well Al, again...Don't know him that well. If I'm not for him is it required to be against him?
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