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  1. Mphillips

    Spencer Appears Focused and Ready for Sunday

    That kid's All American.
  2. Mphillips

    Meanest on the mat / nicest off the mat

    Austin DeSanto. :)
  3. Mphillips

    Dual Meets on ESPN

    It's a niche' market...we're the niche'.
  4. Mphillips

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Jake Danishek, Indiana. The kid was a 4x'er coming out of Ohio. I thought for certain he would have a chance. I hope he can AA in his final season.
  5. Mphillips

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Booth had that sneaky go-behind for the finish.
  6. Mphillips

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    Only because he had to wrestle Sherman in the 1/4's. You know what a 'go'er' Sherman was. He just wouldn't stop
  7. Mphillips

    Kurt McHenry Wrestling in Pittsburg Classic

    PWC Weights 2017 and 2018. 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285
  8. Mphillips

    141 seeds at Big Tens

    McKenna gassed for sure, but I just don't attribute that to Lee.
  9. Mphillips

    Oklahoma looking much better

    That was the, 'best' they've looked all season, albeit it was against Fresno State. Agreed on Demas, best chance to AA. Guys have figured out to stay out of the tie-up except for yesterday? Deloza must not have watched any video on Demas?
  10. Mphillips

    Who is going to screw up seeding this year?

    I really hope Demas does well. Although...as the season progressed his opponents started staying out of the tie-up. He's had a rough last 5-6 matches if I remember correctly.
  11. Must be that, Ohio State bias...
  12. Mphillips

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    I agree. I think it's as 'classy' as his wrestling.
  13. Mphillips

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Can they beat The Bucks at that as well?
  14. Mphillips

    EWL MAC Merger

    Oh....I remember.
  15. Mphillips

    EWL MAC Merger

    AND it got to 10 pages! AND the suspension was served and a judge say's, "the kid gets to wrestle."