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  1. Is it missing weight or is it being accountable to the rules/guidelines?
  2. I know, I know...I remember. I watched it. I have nothing for the argument.
  3. Askren will let you know. : )
  4. Ohio HS Logan Steiber, HS4xer 184-1. 4xNCAA champ. Mark Zimmer, first 4xer. He graduated with 143 consecutive wins(third all time) and went on to become an NCAA All-American at both Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Jim Jordan(HS 156–1)2xNCAA champ and Jeff Jordan(2xNCAA AA) Both 4xers. They lost one career high school match apiece, but never in the state tournament. There are a bunch of other 4xers. (twenty nine) It has to be Steiber first and then everyone else in some order. I picked Zimmer because he was a hero to us wrestling kids and Jordans because of only two losses between them. I know I'm gonna take some grief.
  5. I think so too. I don't remember him being mentioned except in the first post.
  6. Does anyone believe Joey can wrestle 70 effectively?
  7. Appears so. Looks like I'm asleep at the wheel again.
  8. I figure he has almost 10 months to get back 100% if he goes soon.
  9. His time at Ohio State he seemed like just a shy, backwards kind of kid.
  10. I believe he has it sooner rather than later. I don't see him having the, 'Spencer Lee career' that we all want without it. Who knows...
  11. C'mon Big Fella, I don't believe they are suggesting he should have had the surgery and then tried to wrestle at the Olympics.(assuming he qualified) It sounds like they want to know if he's not wrestling why hasn't he had the surgery?
  12. That's what she said. Forgive me, the door was wide open.
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