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  1. "Reloading" from being National Champions. That's tough...,
  2. Hilgers good, he just isn't as good as his contemporaries.
  3. That has to be a huge undertaking. Cheers and best of luck. Looking forward to the site.
  4. @ILisSTILLgood, Kozak and JHRose gave some solid advice. This place is a great start and add on from here. FLO is worth the fee in my opinion. Track serves a purpose. Not sure about ROFKIN. I don't have Twitter but I'm able to read much or all of what is written on there, just can't respond. ps Don't get into a, 'tug of war' with an immovable object.
  5. Some play the game. Some let the game play them.
  6. I'm guessing you took my post as a serious explanation? Chinstrap penguin and all? Carry on...
  7. Maybe not by the term, 'definition' but it is hard to disagree with what was written...
  8. Hey Gantry do you have a link for the brackets they are wrestling right now?
  9. This, 'cold spray therapy' has it's roots in European soccer and began with the, 'cold sponge therapy.' A sponge soaked in freezing cold water then applied to players knee or ankle, etc after a, "knock." The results saw almost all players injured, were back up and running full speed within a few moments after what appeared to be a devastating injury. The professional leagues around the world adopted this therapy and then they also moved to the, 'cold spray therapy' which the Russian wrestlers soon adopted. The ingredients are unknown, but have been linked to the embryonic cells of the Chinstrap Penguin.
  10. It was funny... Tobus was on a roll this morn with the, "rascal" comment regarding, 'The Senator' as well.
  11. When I first read this I thought it read, "Throw in the medicinal and the vodka."
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