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  1. I had a custom pair made in '85' or so. Green, white and silver, school colors. I got a year out of them and gave them away when the Gables, Black with silver and Red with silver came out.(They also made blue) My favorite shoes by far where those Gables. I tried for years at many Toledo World Cup Tourneys to trade for those Adidas Combat Speeds to no avail.
  2. I don't see him losing so why would there be any excuses?
  3. I thought I was reinforcing our guys being on, "par age" wise? Sorry to frustrate you.
  4. I was going to post about. It looks like I'm too late...
  5. CBUS has a spot at 133...
  6. What was TRACK doing to promote women's wrestling before the, 'defacto monopoly' occurred? I agree on the disparity to a point, but who else is doing anything? Could FLO have jumped on board women's wrestling a bit sooner? Sure. But don't they get the chance now to improve the coverage?
  7. Can't be any earlier than the first week of Jan. That would be the 3rd.
  8. How many one TD matches has SMFL had?
  9. How many of those, "Russians/former Soviet bloc nations, Iranians, Georgians, Turks, et al" are winning at 24-27?
  10. Who else is getting better? Or even keeping up? Not, 'jerking chains.'
  11. OKST vs Iowa USA vs Iran AFTER the UWW events the major HS events, all of the RTC matches when there wasn't any wrestling going on.... Plus news, specials, shows, arena... Buck fifty seems worth it. Where else can I get that?
  12. No "loop" here I just can't believe the RBY domino effect. Im looking for him in CBUS.
  13. I don't believe he's beating Lee, but maybe RBY and Micic at 133...
  14. I hear ya, I don't believe it will either. I just believe it will be sparingly...
  15. Oh is Suriano going 125? If you've heard 133 it must not be at PSU?
  16. I can see Micic only weighing in at 133 a couple times and then at B1G and NCAA. Same goes for Suriano at 125 I believe.
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