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  1. Christ! These pictures better be the best pics ever...
  2. In my experience it never ends unless you cancel before your CC takes on the charges...
  3. LOL...More than once our, 'stat girls' got a surprise.
  4. So you disagree? Or are you adding this as an, "aside?"
  5. ASU. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHd4m1BsaNv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. The eighties are not the nineties and the nineties are not the two thousands. I'm all for another list...
  7. I don't think I would and I certainly wouldn't use the terms, "boom or bust."
  8. Of course it will happen. 'Hands to the face' will be called very liberally this season.
  9. You think? I don't believe Nolf is anywhere near being competitive with Dake? Even on paper...
  10. If JB is considering moving up a weight and still competing at a world level at his age, more power to him. That's badass in my estimation. And if it's for a payday, as @Alwayswrestling alluded to, I'm all for that as well. I hadn't heard what/if the matchwas paying.
  11. Not that I remember? Not a lot of, "hub bub, or flim flam" come out of there.
  12. They postponed the decision to postpone/cancel. Just drawing out the obvious aren't we...
  13. I don't believe the cats been healthy...
  14. This is another one of those, "but why?" matches. (I still have the same response btw.) There just isn't any upside for JB? Is there a payday?
  15. Folks spend their days looking to be, "outraged."
  16. But why? Don't get me wrong. I'll watch and enjoy I'm sure...
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