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  1. Do three decimals next time just to spin 'em even more.
  2. More, "mays" than, "may nots."
  3. "I got a bulletin for you, Spence: wrestling is not a team sport! When you're out there on the mat with another guy who's quicker and faster than you, there's not a whole helluva' lot a team can do for you."
  4. Only saving grace was the Bengals and now the Bearcats...
  5. Like trying to convince people to believe what you believe...
  6. I hear ya. We wrestled the CIT back in the early/mid eighties when it was as tough as the state tourney.
  7. 11/27 11:00 am Arizona State, Wyoming at Cowboy Open FLO 1:00 pm Drexel at Little Rock https://lrtrojans.com/watch/?Live=417&type=Live 2:00 pm Army West Point at Iowa State ESPN+ 3:00 pm Oregon State at Iowa B1G+ Oregon is out, Army is in. 4:00 pm California Baptist at Iowa State ESPN+ 5:30 pm Hofstra vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+ 5:30 pm North Carolina vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+ 7:30 pm Hofstra vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+ 7:30 pm North Carolina vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+
  8. Isn't it just inferred at this point...
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