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  1. 11/27
    11:00 am Arizona State, Wyoming at Cowboy Open FLO
    1:00 pm Drexel at Little Rock  https://lrtrojans.com/watch/?Live=417&type=Live
    2:00 pm Army West Point at Iowa State ESPN+
    3:00 pm Oregon State at Iowa B1G+ Moved to Sunday  11/28 3:00 ET. 
    4:00 pm California Baptist at Iowa State ESPN+
    5:30 pm Hofstra vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+
    5:30 pm North Carolina vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+
    7:30 pm Hofstra vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+
    7:30 pm North Carolina vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+


  2. 48 minutes ago, jackwebster said:

    I asked bwntwg this question but he didn't respond. So, I will ask you: how much does the Fix match figure in to your assessment of Phillipi? Reason I ask is that, I started looking at Phillipi different after that match, eg I always think he has that ride in him ... but maybe my perspective is distorted.

    Similar but different.

    The loss to RBY at the 2019 NCAA Tourney was heartbreaker...

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