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  1. Suriano, Desanto and Steveson?
  2. He's just a knucklehead. That doesn't make me root against him though.
  3. You're right and I don't disagree with anything you mentioned. I shouldn't have even commented. Bad take.
  4. Not sure why he's considered news honestly? Minus the highlight reels above...
  5. Nothing new here. I've posted as have others, more than once.
  6. The fact that we are so, "outraged" when it does happen leads me to believe that it doesn't happen that often. We all know the, 'big' ones that didn't get called though...
  7. Of course I noticed it MSU. Wasn't the point of me not mentioning it and then posting what I did fall right in line with what you posted... C'mon Brother! I'm with ya here.
  8. I ENJOY that you LOOK for an ARGUMENT even when there ISN'T one... Regards, Mphillips
  9. I can almost hear JS laughing...
  10. Pyles texted, "something" to Funky...
  11. WEAR it like a SCARLETT LETTER...
  12. I hear little Sasso is coming to CBUS...
  13. What "we" want and what the NCAA wants are many times different.
  14. Conjecture or not, I'll be blindsided if he wrestles 141 again.
  15. I never even considered OSU as an option. I would think someone would love to have him.
  16. He committed to OU in Oct. of 2016. Projected to be a, "lifetime" 149 in college. He was always a Lou guy.
  17. It's 2022. It's what folks do. Look at us for Christ's sake. A bunch of yentas...
  18. Bouzakis has been mentioned for months but Mendez would be a surprise.
  19. Can someone just show the, 'List?'
  20. Yes. PG. 3. Freshman Season – 2005-2006 – Susquehanna Township High School – (26-6) Sophomore Season – 2006-2007 – Susquehanna Township High School – (28-3) Junior Season – 2007-2008 – Susquehanna Township High School – (27-2) Senior Season – 2008-2009 – Blair Academy Prep – (51-1)
  21. You're correct that PSU is the favorite by a mile and that James is just talking nonsense. If OSU is close to any trophy, Tom Ryan gets Coach of the Year. GO BUCKEYES!
  22. Is the, "Project" list on FLO or anywhere else? I've never seen it...
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