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  1. That's exactly what he said.
  2. Folks seem to think he's the, 'old man' of the weight? He's still just a kid. He's gonna be around for a bit longer.
  3. Tucker said, that he couldn't miss classes.
  4. This. FLO had to put it together and get it out before this weekends event.
  5. Their wrestlers are going too. Quite a few have already decided to go to West Liberty State College.
  6. The stone that the builder refuseWill always be the head cornerstone
  7. Beautiful statement? Many of the rest of us are able to feel empathy AND sympathy for all people who are suffering? You Sir, are a sterling individual....as the rest of us tune out to the, 'sufferings' of the non-athlete. Thank you for carrying the torch.
  8. Fadzaev2, Agreed. FLO had it's best year in my eyes as well.
  9. I thought they both handled it well, made it fun and maybe turned some MMA folks onto wrestling? Be hard to track that one. JB did say, 'that he didn't take this match as fun. It's my job, it's how I feed my family.' paraphrased, but factually correct.
  10. No 'Unbroken Chain' there.
  11. Won two of three today in dodge-ball.
  12. F'ing AnklePicker is salty! For a few seconds I was trying to remember when I, "called other people out for daring to say that Colon wouldn’t tech Suriano and now when he wins you gotta find a way to take a shot at him." No way does a guy like Colon tech the, "Blissful Warrior."
  13. +1, Greatdane67 This Cat's just a, "Blissful Warrior." Let him be. He's tuned in! "Wavelength." Normal folks can't compete with that! https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6381921-2019-beat-the-streets/videos?playing=6479972&limit=60
  14. If you're watching over wifi along with the, 'wife and kids.' TROUBLE. If you're watching on a 12 yr old home computer. TROUBLE. If you're watching on your phone on wifi at home with, 'wife and kids and TV and phone.' TROUBLE. If any of those seem familiar...Trouble.
  15. "Took it" knowing he was gonna get stroked. Even played the Twitter game for the good of it all. Stand -up.
  16. He could have put it away with fifty seconds left in the first? He did what he could do. He said, "This isn't a novelty match. This is how I feed my family."
  17. Doc, You think Askren took that match thinking he could win?!?!?! Stop it.
  18. If you're hard wired in...You shouldn't have an issue? If you're not...Why?
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