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  1. Thanks Graverobber. This sounds like it works much like the Bundesliga Soccer Association? Is that a fair statement the way the teams are relegated and/or promoted?
  2. Some of you wear, ' condescending' beautifully. Truly, 'high' fashion. Cheers.
  3. Quite a limb you've crawled out on....
  4. Edward, I read that FLO needed a commentator for the FRL show. Nice article BTW. Cheers.
  5. Quite possibly THE quote of the entire thread. LOL.
  6. You all keep it up and Chertow will be in the 'chair.'
  7. Updated. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/long-awaited-big-ten-schedule-revealed/ 2019-20 BIG TEN SCHEDULE Rutgers, Jan. 10at Wisconsin, Jan. 17Illinois, Jan. 19at Iowa, Jan. 24at Minnesota, Jan. 26Maryland, Jan. 31at Nebraska, Feb. 2Northwestern, Feb. 9at Penn State, Feb. 15In addition to the league duals, Ohio State is also slated for home matches versus Arizona State, Cornell, Stanford and Virginia Tech. All will be contested inside the Covelli Center (2640 Fred Taylor Dr., Columbus, OH 43210).
  8. There was a discussion about this recently? Anyone remember what thread?
  9. https://www.ringerliga.de/2017/09/11/versprechen-auf-spitzensport-und-enge-kaempfe-deutsche-ringerliga-praesentiert-ihre-kaderlisten/?lang=en Older article.
  10. Because the thread was titled, "Theory: ...." Isn't the onus on you to tell the readers what your, 'Theory' is, as opposed to the readers trying to guess? You start the thread title with, "Theory" and end that same title with a question mark? FWIW...I would like a better explanation as well.
  11. We would always make the trek to Toledo throughout the early to mid 80's for The World Cup. It was like our wrestling pilgrimage. I was 11-17 yrs old and it was always awesome. It was an 'event' still. I remember it being the best tourney besides the Olympics, although I was just a kid. I traded pins and singlets, my cousin traded jeans with the Russians. It was definitely an, 'Event.' That's what the discussion above reminded me of.
  12. Not if others are going to make his post' for him?
  13. "My goodness the level of sensitivity around here never ceases to amaze me." It's too easy to easy to slip...
  14. He trained with Slay early on correct?
  15. No I wasn't. Nor did I mean it as a slight. Gable was my favorite. My hero.
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