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  1. I believe the year before is when they changed the time of year when you have to sit after your transfer. Before that, you had to sit the first half of the season which was no 'big deal.' New rules made the transfers sit the second half(post season)which I'm sure changed/stopped some of the transfers?
  2. I can't imagine any of them are too happy?
  3. If I knew the way... That's pretty ridiculous changing the seating charts!
  4. I wanted to ask the same? Treading lightly...
  5. I read that Yamaguchi is Japans rep at 61kg. CARR!!!! Lace em' up!
  6. 'Frame' it however you like Genius. I'm not ashamed of where I'm from.
  7. I thought they had some tough draws?
  8. This isn't really a surprise I don't believe?
  9. He already bought tiks I believe...
  10. I'm happy to stay here and pay.
  11. His Father. Miron Kharchilava https://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/intermat/matboss/soviet-defector-and-team-miron-coach-miron-kharchilava-the-matboss-podcast-ep-31/
  12. Took about a page and a half to go, 'total conspiracy theory.'
  13. And then lost his next match right?
  14. +1 Truer words have rarely been written.
  15. Slow start from Snyder, Then it's looks like he starts having fun just as NJDan mentioned.
  16. Hmmm? Must have been it. Although he didn't appear to be having much fun after the whistle blew?
  17. Bad choice from Ceballos. He was up 3-2 and hit a headlock with what? less than 20 seconds left? Why?
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