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  1. I don't remember anyone falsifying their ACT/SAT scores to get a wrestling scholly, but I do remember that happening in rowing.
  2. To get those rich girls a scholarship, whether they row or not...
  3. Does this mean in order for the wrestler to be big enough to wrestle the lowest HS weight? I believe that's what you're trying to say?
  4. 1. I don't know and my Google is broke. 3.No. State champions from each state are not ALL present at any of the National series. National series can have all "classes" if the champs choose to go. The next level for a Sr in HS is college unless they choose FS/GR.
  5. 1. If there isn't a girls state series, I believe girls must be, 'allowed' to wrestle boys state series. 2. I've never seen this. 3. Question didn't translate well...
  6. I've heard or thought the same about his back. Runs a club in CBUS.
  7. Posted about Palmer and bears here this morning. There are no coincidences...
  8. Over an undefeated wrestler...
  9. When 9insoft, one's "touch" is rarely necessary.
  10. Pac-12 Sat 3/7 9pm EST B1G Sun 3/8 3:30pm EST All BTN on-air matches can be streamed through the FOX Sports App, while BTN+ matches can be streamed at btnplus.com. Big 12 Sun 3/8 7:00pm EST ACC 3/8 7:00pm EST
  11. Columbus Ohio has a pretty big international event 'Arnold Sports Festival' https://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/ due downtown at the convention center in March. We work downtown and people are really talking about it. No news from The City of Columbus or Arnold yet. It's a huge money maker for CBUS.
  12. This place is like the Justice League for Semantic Superheros. To be fair you're never one of them Tobus.
  13. B1G Network is part of my cable. B1G tournaments are part of the B1G Network. What am I missing here...or are you just jerking my chain...
  14. all on TV. Set your DVR's. First time I will be able to record all of these, without days of delay. +1 for Spectrum. "These are great days we're living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth — with guns."
  15. It's beyond me why anyone would take the time to critique the list...LOL Bullet points, all it needed was bullet points...
  16. It happened when the best kids from Ohio started going to Ohio State... (I'll wait for the fallout)
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