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  1. Is this evidence gathered at AA meetings across the country?
  2. Iran's 125 looks like a monster. Watched a few of his matches on the youtube. He lost to Zare of course, but he's trouble.
  3. I believe it was @nhs67 wish list. Not a projection...
  4. Has anyone heard from @Mike Parrish? I'm worried he may be, "storming" the castle.
  5. I suppose it was funny in my head when I typed it? Cheers...
  6. A little over a hundred bucks per day gets you all you could ask for at a Serbian three star resort.
  7. If a college environment teaches you about real life. You may have an easy real life.
  8. Yes. I read it all. You certainly aren't/don't.
  9. Chittum and Carr to Davidson.
  10. Nate Jr Head coach at Davidson...
  11. I just read on another BBS that Carr was in the portal? Anyone?
  12. If he hadn't medaled in his non-Olympic weights, does it take away?
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