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  1. How many 'states' were there? Sorry. Makes me crazy and I don't need the help.
  2. Eight points doesn't affect the outcome? In what world?
  3. 'We've' seen high school and younger women be successful before. I don't believe any of 'us' are nearly as shocked or surprised as you. I'm quite positive of it.
  4. Once in awhile you get shown the light...
  5. I don't believe you're a, "yokel." You're an Extraterrestrial. I like it even if you want to wipe out humanity.(You'll start in the cities first, right?)
  6. I'm hoping that's not the actual perspective in the pic..
  7. If that was your post, I remember reading it and sounded pretty funky then.
  8. Finesilver will be back next season I believe and they have a couple good kids coming in from Ohio.
  9. The response was, "civil" it was just, 'to the point.' I'm not a, 'snarky' poster. Although sometimes a joke does miss it's mark. That is not the case in this instance. I addressed your question before you asked it. To me that appears that you didn't read the thread. There is no other way to comprehend what you wrote...
  10. Nothing new. Just saved from before the twenty minute mark.
  11. Good. I was just looking at the layout from the video.
  12. There is a plan in place for everything...
  13. If you would have bothered to read the thread you would see...
  14. Shared with Cael right? Read his story folks, if you don't know it or if you need uplifted .
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