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  1. No worries. Some days it's hard not to jump.
  2. Learned this today. LJB used one, while I used another in reference to JC. Don't crucify me, I just thought it was interesting. Welshing is (offensive) to swindle someone by not paying a debt, especially a gambling debt while welching is to fail to repay a small debt.
  3. I was just adding an aside spladle, not meant to correct anyone.
  4. Pan Am championships are different than the Pan Am Qualifiers. Pan Am Championships are for points, not qualifying spots for the Olympics.
  5. Have you seen some of the rankings...
  6. Still tried and true, to this day...
  7. NONE. The cut was too much. He'll be at 97.
  8. I understand what you meant, you just didn't write it that way. Enjoy your wrestling.
  9. Cohen, Dylan and maybe Cat Stevens or Joni Mitchell are the only ones ahead... I personally would include Jackson Brown, Gordon Lightfoot. Your list?
  10. I don't believe this is what you meant to type? If so? I'm really confused now. Not that I need help.
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