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  1. He welshed on quite a few bets with folks. Seems lame to me but this is just an internet chat room when it's all said and done...
  2. Who are the clowns that you enjoy talking about wrestling?
  3. Dominate he did. I was a bit surprised how badly he smashed Picc. No offense there Tobus...
  4. An admin couldn't do it unless they hate wrestling, the school, the Olympics, God and the USA.
  5. I don't know Tobus...There's a bunch of 'tough' guys out there.
  6. The winner was decided by pulling a colored ball from a bag...
  7. So you disagree with his wrestling analogy? Or you just were throwing boxing out there for discussion?
  8. I have a ton of respect for a person that takes their pizza seriously. A great pizza can be, "fine" dining. Just don't serve it with a fork.
  9. That sounds more like it pamela. That's a pretty bad misprint on the tiks though.
  10. Well did she get booted again? Cause first time she got booted for the cowbell...
  11. Take it easy. One of you two will probably shoot yourself in the knee.
  12. Look forward to seeing him wrestle.
  13. I was at a tourney in the 80's that had Hodge and Curt Haywood. Hodge crushed apples and Haywood tore phone books in half.
  14. She got booted some weeks ago...unless she got booted again.
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