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  1. I've rarely seen feelings hurt as much as they are hurt here...
  2. Fun is in the eye of the beholder...
  3. I would surmise that more have survived than did not? I believe that point is a no-brainer and I believe everyone here would agree?
  4. I'm honestly curious.
  5. I'm not sure what your point is? Are you looking to educate folks? Are you looking for agreement? Discussion? Commonality? Support? Not being snarky.
  6. Drugs, alcohol, travel, sex, etc, etc. Life is fraught with hazards. We seem to have survived pretty well...
  7. Don't forget the 2 liter Sun Country Coolers from 1986!
  8. Well stated. Folks definitely need to, "sack up" and your second paragraph includes damn near every poster on here with big numbers. Every once in awhile folks need to step back and STFU!
  9. Looks like seating on only one side...
  10. This either translates poorly or you to be there...
  11. Posted above, but just a heads up. "OTT ticket has Day 2, Session 2 starting at 8:00 pm."
  12. James Taylor, CSN&Y, etc., etc.....
  13. russelscout will, "eat your lunch" when it comes to arguing. He's ace.
  14. Sweet Caroline is beloved in the EPL as well. Arsenal I believe specifically. Brits love to sing...
  15. I don't believe so and their site isn't "friendly..."
  16. Vak is just another poster. Some good some bad like everyone else, but I can assure you he is in no way , "a king here."
  17. 'Two thirds' of your posts' are arguing the same thing over and over and over... : )
  18. Thanks for the info. I am surprised...
  19. Pretty much. They do over holidays quite a bit as well.
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