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  1. Well documented. I think Greg starts next season, no question...
  2. There may be a bit of self punishment, but it's not loathing. Hate is a learned thing. I grew up in an era when OSU was pretty 'bad.' PSU wasn't even thought of and you were supposed to hate IOWA even though Dan Gable was every young wrestlers hero. I hated the Russians. That's who we were supposed to hate. All of the wrestling news came from a monthly USA Wrestling magazine and we went to Toledo every year for the World Cup, where I roamed the floor and traded pins, Levis and singlets. So I never learned to hate IOWA or PSU it's only been in the last decade or so that I learned to hate their big mouthed fans and some of them deservingly so. Everyone is likeable until they open their mouths or so I've found. Hating a school or their athletes because they're good is like hating someone because they're smarter than you... I don't even hate the worst of the worst here and we have some loud mouthed, snarky, I'm better than you posters. I've even mellowed on the Russians somewhat....
  3. Darmstadt did not look like he was having trouble...Just an awkward match.(that only lasted 1:48) It would have been the same result no matter the time.
  4. The levels of explanation for a near side cradle(snowplow) are comical. I've never heard it called a snowplow, but it's pretty easy to imagine... I never thought of you as being old enough to be a boomer. Christ I'm not even old enough to be a boomer and I'm 50+.
  5. I find and watch all the FS/GR that is available. Which has been pretty damn good the last couple years. This forum and most wrestling forums in general turn into a bit of a, 'ghost town.'
  6. I never called it this, but this must be a, "snowplow."
  7. I thought that was exactly what he was talking about...
  8. He's won 56 matches and is an AA and we still haven't seen him healthy for a full year...
  9. I didn't forget. I beat that drum too. I started watching him his junior year and made a point to keep up with him. He has continued to improve and greatly. Romero out of OSU never focused on wrestling either and it was obvious. His improvements over last year are significant, but not Parris significant.
  10. True. Although we did know the Friday before he was to wrestle in Rome that he wasn't going.
  11. Okay. Thank you for the patience. That's a sleazy way to operate. I betcha those kids replaced after a season of wrestling are pretty confused. What a poor, "shaper of youth's."
  12. My guys that made it work were always the, 'long' ones.
  13. I'm not trying to be difficult. Bear with me. So the boys (starters) weren't available OR the boys (starters) were replaced by the ladies (back-ups) for the sole purpose of receiving a forfeit? If the latter...it's hard to fathom a coach telling his starting 113lb'er (for example) he's not gonna wrestle for fear that he'll lose. That's pretty despicable and very sleazy.
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