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  1. A Sasso win would be huge and wreck even more the 149 weight class. It would be fantastic.
  2. Mitch wrestled today in Italy at UWW event. Representing Israel.
  3. Agreed. You couldn't tell by the way he wrestled. A bit impressed and surprised...
  4. It was 2-2 Criteria to Bajrang. Mckenna had to go for a TD.
  5. He was trying to keep from getting punched and head butted. LOL.
  6. Massa goes down 10-0. Mitch Finesilver gets a win. Wrestling for Israel. Dake 5-1 his opponent wasn't interested in wrestling much.
  7. Good morning. USA 57 Gilman / Tolepbay Fix / Zou Micic/ Colon 65 Retherford / Bajrang McKenna / Mansour JO / Talgat 74 EMAMICHOGHAE / Green KURAMAGOMEDO / Massa NURYKAU / Dake 86 ARCHAIA / DIERINGER DOWNEY III / GOCEN RAFFI /VALENCIA Z
  8. Hopefully a whole hell of a lot more than were in the stands the last couple days. I've had great luck with FLO for the last year or so with much higher fan interest than this tourney... *knock on wood*
  9. FLO worked great for me both days...
  10. 'Much appreciated' is a bit bold...
  11. I was always under the impression he was hired to train the athletes...
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