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  1. LOL. I didn't even notice your, 'dash',( that's what she said, I know)was referring to FLO's use of the, 'dash.'
  2. I think this was his shot, He'll struggle to start...
  3. He only got the third stall because the ref forgot the first period stall and the fourth was a bad call and Pugh wasn't aware he was still in control when he got the fifth...WOWZERS!
  4. I'll pick it up from the Library. Cheers.
  5. @fightingsioux, It's been a strange season. Not sure how else to describe it? It doesn't feel like a re-build year, It doesn't feel like a bad year, It's had some unexpected ups and downs.It feels like it's been a year in limbo and it's been a bunch of years since I've felt that. I hope like hell for Pletch and Moore that they dial it in.
  6. Same here. I'm a Central Ohio guy. Wrestled for T.Rowlands and V. DiSabato back in early-mid eighties. I've always been of the thought of, 'build the body up' to a in shape weight. I hope Decatur finds his place, he's a talent and lightning quick. Great things to build on.
  7. You guess? Damn you jumped quick! I always pause to critique your post' because I want your longevity on my side of the argument.
  8. I don't feel like he gets many more chances...
  9. Nor do I? Does he move up a weight next season, cause I can't see him holding this weight...
  10. I don't remember anyone falsifying their ACT/SAT scores to get a wrestling scholly, but I do remember that happening in rowing.
  11. To get those rich girls a scholarship, whether they row or not...
  12. Does this mean in order for the wrestler to be big enough to wrestle the lowest HS weight? I believe that's what you're trying to say?
  13. 1. I don't know and my Google is broke. 3.No. State champions from each state are not ALL present at any of the National series. National series can have all "classes" if the champs choose to go. The next level for a Sr in HS is college unless they choose FS/GR.
  14. 1. If there isn't a girls state series, I believe girls must be, 'allowed' to wrestle boys state series. 2. I've never seen this. 3. Question didn't translate well...
  15. I've heard or thought the same about his back. Runs a club in CBUS.
  16. Posted about Palmer and bears here this morning. There are no coincidences...
  17. Over an undefeated wrestler...
  18. When 9insoft, one's "touch" is rarely necessary.
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