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  1. I also believe he's improved. He is also really calm, seems to be relaxed and he never looks to be breathing hard.
  2. So there was no good ol' fashion, "Christian" bets placed?
  3. Not at all. I said it right after he wrestled Sasso.
  4. Jimmy will be back. He's abiding by his own rule about not posting until, 'proof of purchase.'
  5. @whaletail , "emphatically dropping his headgear " Well played.
  6. He's looked fantastic even if you throw out the FS wins. I'm a Buckeye fan, but Lee makes me nervous against Pletch.
  7. Vak, You are now quoting and responding to your own post'. That is some thorough $hit right there. :- }
  8. She's beautiful @VakAttack Peace
  9. Folks don't read, when they can jump. There's rarely a reason besides... folks wanting to jump.
  10. russelscout is one of the greater arguers in this forum. His tenacity and unwillingness to concede even the most minute detail is unmatched. That is in no way meant to be a jab @russelscout. Back to the match. Kem just flat out wrestled Hall. No more no less. No one in their right mind (which does leave out some folks) can argue that Hall isn't a badass. I was just as impressed with Hall digging in those underhooks and locking that up as I was with Kem winning the match. That was just pure strength and determination on Halls part. Kem was great in that match and you have to be, to beat Hall. I didn't notice Hall wrestling much different than usual to be honest. Kem just had an answer. I became a Kemmerer fan during that match. He showed what I hadn't seen from him before. I'm a Buckeye fan, but I'll be rooting for both of them until it's against Ohio State.
  11. I learnt from the best we have here.
  12. pronoun: " yourselves" Used to refer to the person being addressed as the object of a verb or preposition when they are also the subject of the clause. That's all I've got ionel. I'm afraid it's not gonna get any better and I had to "Google" that...
  13. I didn't say mine weren't, just that not everyone has em'. LOL
  14. We all don't have saggy balls Tobus...
  15. "Relative ease?" You believe that or want to believe it? Hall is a badass no doubt about it. Kem though wrestled really well. Do you believe Hall wrestled a 'bad' match? Not looking to jump, just curious.
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