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  1. I've had six knee surgeries. Everything from scopes to re-construction and I'm supposed to have a replacement, but at 51 I'll hold off as long as possible. With that said, I worked three months with total ACL tear. It didn't necessarily hurt but it would pop out on me pretty consistently. The reconstructions were 8-10 months before I was fit enough to do anything. I was coaching wrestling and soccer and still playing soccer. The last injury put me out of commission as far as playing a sport. Washed up at 40. All the recovering times were different. I didn't do the work I should have after one of them and it hurt me in the long run. Hoping DeSanto is okay or will be okay. I was 19 with my first surgery and recovered great. Hoping that youth and strength is on DeSanto's side. I like the kid.
  2. I can not see a circumstance that would lead 'Pletch' to duck...Except maybe Tom and God...
  3. I've only seen six or so matches of Woods. What I've seen the kid looks great...
  4. Agreed. You can spend thirty minutes or so and see six or more different videos.
  5. I enjoy self-deprecating humor more so than a 'roast.' Maybe give that a shot...
  6. The OG's on this forum are drafting responses, not favorable ones...
  7. This has been marked on the calendar for months and months and wait for it...months.
  8. Take it easy Chappy. Someone will try to explain the, "leapfrog" vortex...
  9. It wasn't knock brother. Just a heads up.
  10. I blame it on a generational thing...and I see it getting worse. Although if I knew anything I'd be rich.
  11. Just go back and fix it...obviously hit the B(bold) by mistake.
  12. Agreed here. I remember when he first unveiled wrestlstat... it was an overload. Now it's a goto.
  13. He was sucked down to 133 to get a spot...He's on something for sure. Pizza and chicken wings.
  14. It's easier for Spencer to score than it is to pin...
  15. Malik is the best 125lber the Bucks have, he just doesn't have the strength. It's frustrating. Decatur isn't the answer at 133. This season or next. I thought this was a really disappointing loss for The Bucks, not because of rankings, just how some of the guys wrestled...
  16. Wrestling has always been punish all for the fault of one. How many extra sprints and burpees, etc. did we all have to do for the fault of one?
  17. He 'sacked' up for sure! He was so strong in those few moments and just insisted on that throw. I was super impressed and then even more so that Kemmerer made it out alive. Those few moments of elation and then dejection were what Buckeye fans felt (at least myself) when Bo got Myles at NCAA's. YES! YES! YES!...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  18. Imagine the subjectivity involving the referees on this...
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