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  1. I'm 'with' ya. I say we should punish them all.
  2. You might want to listen to what Brands said. It turned out to be a bit different than what I read he said... Not being 'snarky.'
  3. Folks here spend more time arguing/discussing semantics than they do wrestling... Once you figure out who those arguers are, it becomes way more enjoyable. We could all name 5-7 posters off the top of our heads who do this. The issue becomes those said posters would then argue to the death that they don't do it... My favorite forum by far. I'm glad it's here.
  4. That Iowa underground is one of our favorites.
  5. Plenty of ways to be in the sport without FS.
  6. Don't worry about me, no... been so long I felt this way...
  7. You really seem much older...
  8. What? He won one title, right...he has plenty of, 'proving' to do. Doesn't he?
  9. The kid is hard nosed, refuses to quit and hates to lose. He fu$&ed up a couple years ago. I'd take ten DeSantos.
  10. Scribe is the one I'm worried about. Cat just vanished!
  11. Outstanding wrestler just to rub salt in it...
  12. That's not how it works...C'mon Vak...You know this.
  13. Malik has had a bad enough year.
  14. I thought it was kind of clever...
  15. Stop it. Excess does not equal expert.
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