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  1. I haven't had enough drinks yet to feign outrage...give me an hour or so.
  2. Probably one of the funniest things I've read here. Kudos! I also have an answer...being vegan for sure.
  3. If your laces are up there's a good chance you're on your back...
  4. Watch out for the big fella with the left hand.
  5. True again. I'm hard-headed, not to be confused with a, 'rockhead.'
  6. Fair enough. Thank you. Where do you search for info?
  7. True. I still think it was though... Although what you don't see in the pic above is the whizzer that Joey just couldn't get free from. So there's that.
  8. That gives me hope then. I rarely check anymore as I've had terrible results. Maybe just bad luck...,
  9. In my experience it's because the website is $hitty...
  10. Of course he's tough. He has to kill his own food just to eat.
  11. Nonsense. If we've learned anything it's that the Govt. does a horrible job of taking care of it's Veterans.
  12. Bucks get 141, 197 and I believe 149. I don't see another win in the buckeyes lineup.
  13. Lurker, Rockheads communicate how they communicate. Can't be, 'shamed.'
  14. A Sasso win would be huge and wreck even more the 149 weight class. It would be fantastic.
  15. Mitch wrestled today in Italy at UWW event. Representing Israel.
  16. Agreed. You couldn't tell by the way he wrestled. A bit impressed and surprised...
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