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  1. Not his fault, but it is his responsibility.
  2. "Led by eight All-Americans (1 champion), Iowa won their first team championship. That stopped a run from 2012 where California won every team title." "In the history of the 16U women's tournament, Iowa only had 15 All-Americans from 2011-2021. This year they had more than half of that total with eight." Intermat ~ E. Smith
  3. Ashnault resigns Asst. Coach to focus on senior level.
  4. I liked him This BBS is worse because he's gone Bunch of sissies here now...
  5. I say yes. But I'm a DeSanto fan.
  6. I watched McFadden, Carr McKenna and Marinelli all win a few minutes ago. I posted, but then wasn't sure if it was a replay...
  7. According to the answer I received from the OP, " it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing if there were more restrictions/oversight on RTC’s."
  8. @ionel You mean to tell me that was the phone!
  9. You put a phone in the stabin cabin...
  10. Pantaleo lost to an Armenian 3-2. It was a battle of a match. I feel like Pantaleo got jobbed. Maybe I missed something? McKenna lost to a Mongolian 2-0 I believe. Kolodzik reminded me of why I'm not interested in watching Kolodzik. I watched Yaya go 1-1.
  11. I watched Marinelli lose 15-13. That's all I got...
  12. His head seems to always be underneath his opponents.
  13. They make him pay to use that name.
  14. FLO supporter in the making. : )
  15. I'm not honestly sure? Should the Cali Ladies have won? Nine to placing matches is pretty solid.
  16. Message from the other side...
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