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  1. Bro, they aren't good at names, there is a long list. They struggled with Shapiro all season.
  2. I thought it was pretty clear...
  3. Training doesn't mean competing, just means rolling with the wrestlers? Right?
  4. Harder with the field getting deeper or current guys improving Current guys improving. Lee training FS year round now and Yianni behind him. Lots of folks already think it's too late. I think it has to be now and Joey is my pick FWIW.
  5. I really believe it gets harder for Joey after these trials. This may be his best chance to make a team.
  6. "Boom! Roasted!" ~VakAttack
  7. "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."
  8. He was the #3 overall recruit that year I believe...
  9. I echo what schute wrote. We all were waiting on him to go to OSU and it didn't happen and then he just never wrestled... Phillips was a 171lb freshman at Ironman that wrestled nationally ranked Corey Peltier ( Beast of the East champ, Cadet Nationals champ, and FILA Cadet Nationals champ), the #1 ranked wrestler in DII in OH, Zac Thomusseit, and the nation's #1 171lber, Brian Roddy from STED. Phillips had 10 takedowns to zero in those three matches and was never scored on. That was his freshman year. Seems, "generational" enough to me.
  10. Someone mentioned a possible rough cut and recovery for Deakin with two day weigh ins...
  11. Does it favor anyone? Not jerking chains here just not sure who struggles the most with the cut and recovery.
  12. I believe they had two, but no idea how they did. Cal Clark at 135 and Brent Wilkin at 189
  13. I'm certainly going to defer to you on this Jason. I read it somewhere on the interwebs just the other day, but it was an old article and I trust your knowledge more than what I read. I just remember the loss to Ruth at the time, I don't recall hearing about avenging the loss and just figured I missed it or forgot. Kudos...
  14. Looks like you could register up until 20 minutes ago... : )
  15. Al has always been my pick for Ohio's GOAT.
  16. Chris Phillips 4xer, Monroeville Ohio (Same HS as The Steibers and Tessari). Beat the #1 171lber Roddy (STED) his freshman season. Iron Man Champ as a Freshman. Only HS loss was 3-2 to Ed Ruth in his sophomore season, Phillips avenged the loss later. He never competed in college. Phillips did show up to an open at Lake Erie College a few years after high school and won. Everything he tried, worked. Never saw a HS kid like him before or since. Phillips may be the GOAT of Ohio HS wrestling...
  17. Gable Stevenson and Zain Rutherford Hayes is a helluva ticket...
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